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Joy Stillman bio

When Joy Elaine Jenson was born to Luther and Agnes Jenson on January 21, 1984, they were overjoyed. Luther owned an accounting company and made a substantial income flipping houses. Agnes assisted Luther with his businesses.

Intelligent and curious, Joy was always getting into some kind of trouble. When she was three, she got under the kitchen sink and was about to drink drain cleaner when her mother caught her. Her parents never knew whether she got through the childproof lock or the lock wasn't engaged. When she was ten, she wanted to roast marshmallows and ended up setting the backyard on fire.

Joy made good grades in school with so little effort that she was bored. She started ditching some of her classes in the seventh grade. In the eighth grade, she began ditching entire days of school.

In high school, Joy experimented with drugs, and she'd often sneak out of the house at night to party. At the age of 17, she discovered that she was pregnant. Neither Joy nor the baby's father was interested in being parents.

Joy decided to have an abortion, but her parents talked her into having the baby and giving them custody of it. Her parents paid Joy a substantial amount of money to compensate her.

After the birth of Joy's baby, she packed her belongings and left Oxford. Her parents were heartbroken.

Joy partied her way across the country until she ended up in a homeless shelter in San Francisco when she was twenty. There, she met the love of her life, Bill Stillman, a bank manager who volunteered at the shelter.

The couple married in 2009 and have two daughters.

Joy has no contact with her parents or her son.


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