Jimmy Barton grew up in Oxford

James Joseph Barton was born weighing 9 lb. 13 oz on October 24, 1973, to proud parents Joseph and Elizabeth. Jimmy was a healthy and robust baby and did everything much earlier than most babies. Joe and Elizabeth were so proud of their son that they showed him off to everyone who would look.

Jimmy was a good-humored child and grew up without a care in the world. He sailed through school and never had an enemy. Several of his teachers described him as an outstanding student and said they had never had any problems with him.

After graduating from high school, there wasn't enough money for Jimmy to go to college, so he got a job at a local hardware store, which was owned by a friend of his parents. He was an excellent employee and still works there today as the assistant manager. He also works part-time in the evenings as a pizza delivery driver to supplement his income.

When Jimmy was 22 years old, his father died when his car was hit head-on by another vehicle. Joe's chest was crushed, and he died instantly. Jimmy and his mother were both in shock, but Jimmy promised his mother that he would always take care of her, and he has. Whenever she calls, he runs right over.

On August 19, 2017, Jimmy went to the Marshall family reunion, as he has done every year of his life.

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