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Stacy Beecher interview

Tuesday, August 23, 2022 – 11:02 a.m.

Will Sands said Stacy Beecher was the woman Oscar Knight met at The Roadhouse Bar & Grill the night before the severed thumb was found in Knight's room at the Rebel Inn.

Detectives Murphy and Parker interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Detective E. Parker
  • Stacy Beecher

Detective Murphy: Mrs. Beecher. Nice to see you again.

Stacy Beecher: Yeah. You can't fool me. I know you're not going to treat me right or be fair.

Detective Murphy: Okay, then. Please state your name and address for the record.

Stacy Beecher: Oh, come on, you already know that. Is this some kind of a trick?

Detective Parker: We need your name and address. Are you going to cooperate or not? Up to you.

Stacy Beecher: Okay. Okay. My name is Stacy Beecher. I live at 1172 Magnolia.

Detective Parker: Better. Now, why do you think we won't treat you right?

Stacy Beecher: This isn't my first time, detective. I know how you people are.

Detective Parker: I've never seen you before. How you'll be treated depends on you.

Stacy Beecher: Maybe you haven't, but your friend here has.

Detective Parker: So you and I have a clean slate. Let's see what happens. Where were you last weekend on Saturday night?

Stacy Beecher: See? That's what I mean. You want me to lie so you can corner me into something. You know exactly where I was, don't you?

Detective Parker: You know how it is, Stacy. People lie. They get things wrong. We'd like to hear it from you.

Stacy Beecher: I was at The Roadhouse, as you well know. I wasn't doing anything wrong. I was just having a good time.

Detective Parker: Everyone loves a good time. Who were you having a good time with?

Stacy Beecher: Just some friends. The regulars.

Detective Murphy: Do you count yourself as a regular?

Stacy Beecher: I go there sometimes. So what?

Detective Parker: Did anything unusual happen at The Roadhouse that night?

Stacy Beecher: No, same old, same old. Decent people just trying to enjoy the evening out, and old coots looking for a good time of a different sort.

Detective Murphy: And what kind of a good time would that be?

Stacy Beecher: Why don't you ask me who the old coot was? I know that's what you're digging for.

Detective Murphy: Why don't you just answer the questions? Or do you just want to spend even more time with us?

Stacy Beecher: That's what the old coot wanted. Someone to spend time with. He wanted me to go with him.

Detective Parker: What was his name?

Stacy Beecher: Oscar. Oscar Knight. Said he had a room at the Rebel Inn, and he didn't want to sleep alone. How old is that line? I've heard it so many times, I can always tell when they're going to say it.

Detective Parker: Did you go back to the motel with Oscar?

Stacy Beecher: No. I don't do stuff like that. I'm a married woman.

Detective Parker: Was your husband with you that evening?

Stacy Beecher: He came in later.

Detective Parker: And how did he like the conversation you were having with Mr. Knight?

Stacy Beecher: He wasn't too happy. He's always suspicious of any man who speaks to me, so when he walked in and saw Oscar with his arm around me, he jumped all over me. Like it was my fault.

Detective Parker: Did that happen often? I mean, your husband catching you with other men like that?

Stacy Beecher: It's happened a few times. Not my fault if men are attracted to me.

Detective Parker: You said earlier that this wasn't your first time, so would those other times have anything to do with men being attracted to you?

Stacy Beecher: Yes, but I'm not involved with that kind of thing anymore. I'm a happily married woman now.

Detective Murphy: It doesn't sound like your husband is so sure of that. Did Joey say anything to Mr. Knight?

Stacy Beecher: My husband talks big, but that's all he is: talk.

Detective Murphy: That's not the impression we got from you when we talked about Philip Fontaine's death.

Stacy Beecher: Things change.

Detective Parker: What happened after your husband, as you say, jumped all over you?

Stacy Beecher: Not much. Oscar wasn't about to put up with Joey's bulls**t. He took off. I could've gotten him to buy me a few more drinks if Joey hadn't messed it up.

Detective Parker: Are you sure you didn't leave with Oscar, Stacy?

Stacy Beecher: Of course, I'm sure. I was drinking that night, but I still know what happened.

Detective Murphy: Did Oscar offer you anything in exchange for your company?

Stacy Beecher: So what if he did? I'm not a whore. Look, I already know that Oscar is missing or something, so stop trying to be sneaky. I did not leave with him.

Detective Murphy: So Oscar left alone?

Stacy Beecher: So far as I know, he did. I never saw him anymore after Joey gave him what for.

Detective Parker: What about your husband? Did he leave when Oscar left?

Stacy Beecher: I don't know when my husband left. I went to the ladies' room and then went back to my friends. Joey wasn't there when I got back. I didn't see him again till I got home.

Detective Parker: Was he home when you got there?

Stacy Beecher: Yes, he was, but when I got there, he wanted to fight. He's so jealous lately. It's ruining our marriage.

Detective Parker: It sounds like he has reasons for that. What time did you get home that night?

Stacy Beecher: It was late. Around 1:00 a.m.

Detective Parker: That leaves a lot of unaccounted-for time, doesn't it?

Stacy Beecher: Me and my friends went to get something to eat before we went home.

Detective Murphy: Where?

Stacy Beecher: Square Pizza.

Detective Murphy: Did Joey go with you?

Stacy Beecher: No, I told you. He left before us.

Detective Murphy: We'll need the names of those friends who can corroborate your story.

Stacy Beecher: Look, I can prove where I was. You can talk to my husband if you have questions for him. But I can tell you, Joey had nothing to do with Oscar after he left The Roadhouse. Joey wouldn't do anything like that.

Detective Murphy: Anything like what?

Stacy Beecher: Like whatever you think happened to Oscar. Ask Joey. He'll tell you.

Detective Parker: I'm sure we will be talking to Joey, but we may want to talk to you again too.

Stacy Beecher: Oh, I know how this works, detective. I'm not worried.

Detective Murphy: Good to know. Have a nice day, Mrs. Beecher.

Interview ended – 11:31 a.m.


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