Arrestee interview

Man with dark hair and a salt-and-pepper mustacheFriday, November 5, 2021 – 10:00 a.m.

Neal Caine is a member of the Yoknapatawpha Players board.

Detectives Beckwith and Magee spoke with him again at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective P. Beckwith
  • Detective J. Magee
  • Neal Caine

Detective Magee: You've been advised of your rights, Mr. Caine. Do you understand them?

Neal Caine: I understood them before, and I understand them now. What's your point?

Detective Magee: In light of those rights, are you willing to talk to us now?

Neal Caine: This is ridiculous. You called me to come in. Here I am. Let's get on with it.

Detective Magee: Is that a yes?

Neal Caine: Yes, yes. All of this just to tell me you've cleared me?

Detective Beckwith: Name and address, Mr. Caine.

Neal Caine: Neal Caine, 445 Turnberry Court. So, you said on the phone that my DNA wasn't on that club.

Detective Magee: That's right. Nothing connects you to the murder weapon.

Neal Caine: Well, then, there you go. So why am I here again?

Detective Beckwith: Our investigation isn't over yet. We have a couple of loose ends we need to tie up, leading to a suspect.

Neal Caine: Who?

Detective Beckwith: Martin Vargas.

Neal Caine: All right.

Detective Magee: Tell us more about Martin and Scott's working relationship.

Neal Caine: I think I've told you all I know. Martin pisses everyone off. It's just his nature. Scott had his ups and downs with him.

Detective Beckwith: Can you recall any recent "downs" they had in particular?

Neal Caine: Let me think … at the last board meeting, Scott was there. Martin teed him up pretty good for his slow progress on making props. Scott told the board he was behind, but he was working as fast as possible.

Detective Beckwith: Did he give an excuse?

Neal Caine: Scott said he often re-purposed old props to supplement the new ones so he could keep costs low and get things done on deadline, but apparently, some of the old props he was planning on retrofitting were misplaced.  

Detective Magee: And what was Martin's reaction?

Neal Caine: That excuse ticked him off more. Martin said if Scott didn't get it done, the board should give Woody his job.

Detective Beckwith: And I thought you said you had told us everything.

Neal Caine: Look, this isn't anything new. Martin rips into everyone. Nobody's ever worth a damn to Martin except Martin. Every board meeting I've been to when Martin was on the board, he's blaming or crying about something or someone. Besides, I told you earlier that Martin had it out for Scott and was carrying around that bloody club.

Detective Magee: What about Anna Kessler? Do you think Martin wanted her out of the troupe?

Neal Caine: While she's here in Oxford, she'll always be Yoknatawapha's star. Deep down, Martin knows that … and resents it.

Detective Beckwith: Did Scott know that?

Neal Caine: Sure, we all did.

Detective Magee: So Martin was a clear and present danger to both Scott's and Anna's job.

Neal Caine: You could say that.

Detective Beckwith: Would you say that?

Neal Caine: Sure.

Detective Magee: And Scott and Anna didn't have an easy way to avoid being fired from their jobs with Martin on the board, right?

Neal Caine: Other than keeping me, Heath, and Erv on their good side, no.

Detective Magee: And if Scott and Anna were dating, that would give Scott even more reason to want Martin off the board, right?

Neal Caine: Oh, I see where this is going. Maybe Scott was trying to get rid of Martin, and Martin found out. Then Martin would have to get rid of Scott first. It's all starting to make sense now.

Detective Beckwith: It only makes sense if Scott really was into Anna. I don't see Scott killing a man for a job.

Neal Caine: But he was really into Anna.

Detective Magee: I thought you said you didn't know anything about the two of them dating.

Neal Caine: I didn't know they were dating. I just knew that he wanted to ask her out.

Detective Magee: How would you know?

Neal Caine: He told me so. He thought I might have some sort of good way to ask her since I dated her in the past.

Detective Beckwith: When did he tell you this?

Neal Caine: A few weeks ago.

Detective Magee: What did you say?

Neal Caine: I told him Anna likes directness, and he should plainly ask her. 

Detective Beckwith: Even though you had been dating Anna just prior?

Neal Caine: I told y'all that was over. Besides, I didn't think that Scott would have the nerve. But now, since you're saying that Scott was trying to kill Martin, maybe he did have the balls to ask her out. 

Detective Magee: We're hearing from others that you went further than telling Scott he should ask Anna out. Janet said you told Scott that you'd set the two of them up.

Neal Caine: No. That's Janet being Janet.

Detective Beckwith: So you weren't communicating with Scott on a personal basis in the days leading up to the rehearsal? 

Neal Caine: Not that I remember.

Detective Beckwith: You don't remember Scott texting you that you'd be in Cherie's group during the rehearsal?

Neal Caine: No.

Detective Magee: Do you remember Scott texting you that he'd be in zombie costume?

Neal Caine: No. Should I have?

Detective Magee: You responded to his texts.

Neal Caine: Well, I don't remember.

Detective Beckwith: Scott asked you if you have "cold feet" in one of the texts. What's that referring to?

Neal Caine: I don't know. Maybe it was because I was going to be in an immersive play as an audience member for the first time.

Detective Magee: A day before the rehearsal, Scott texted you, "If there's a problem, check."You responded, "OK." What were you supposed to check?

Neal Caine: I don't know. The start time of the rehearsal?

Detective Beckwith: And less than an hour before the rehearsal, Scott texted you to "check." Is this in reference to the start time?

Neal Caine: Probably. I don't remember. Whatever it was, it must not have been important.

Detective Magee: It must have been important enough to you since you logged into Scott's email account to look at a message he left in his drafts.

Neal Caine: I don't know what you're talking about.

Detective Beckwith: You do.

Neal Caine: I have never logged into Scott's email.

Detective Beckwith: So you forgot to erase the Google security alert sent to Scott's email reporting a sign-in by a new device. 

Neal Caine: It's not mine. Like a zillion people own cell phones.

Detective Magee: But only two people knew Scott's password—him and you.

Neal Caine: I'm telling you I didn't log in to his account. 

Detective Magee: Scott's password was written on a sheet of your collected passwords that we found in your home.

Neal Caine: This is ridiculous. I don't know anything about this.

Detective Beckwith: Yes, you do because the message that Scott left in his drafts was obviously meant for you. Scott warned you that you had been switched to Heath's group. Therefore, you'd have to meet him backstage by the humvee rather than the original place you intended to meet.

Neal Caine: This is just plain ridiculous

Detective Magee: You've told us several times that when you left the mobile lab during the show, you went to the humvee.

Neal Caine: I hid behind the humvee. I always told you that I didn't go backstage.

Detective Beckwith: Erv said you did. So did Janet.

Neal Caine: I'm sure you talked them into circles until they made stuff up. My DNA wasn't on the murder weapon, remember. That's because Martin did this, not me.

Detective Magee: Heath remembers seeing you backstage.

Neal Caine: Sure, Heath! He was so high, he was probably hallucinating us all backstage.

Detective Beckwith: His memories of you were actually pretty accurate. He said that you were hiding a raincoat. 

Neal Caine: He was bombed. He's making it all up.

Detective Magee: We have the raincoat, Neal.

Neal Caine: So? I don't see how a raincoat matters here.

Detective Beckwith: Scott's killer used a raincoat to make sure the blood spattered from a blunt-force attack wouldn't end up on the killer's clothes.

Neal Caine: So Martin used a raincoat, then. What does that have to do with me?

Detective Magee: Scott gave it to you to protect your clothes when you attacked Martin with the club.

Neal Caine: Why would I do that? It doesn't make any sense.

Detective Beckwith: It does because Scott wanted Martin out of the picture, and you agreed to help him. Only you wanted to get back together with Anna, and so you double-crossed Scott.

Detective Magee: And killed him instead.

Neal Caine: I don't know about this raincoat. I never killed anyone.

Detective Beckwith: Sure you did. The raincoat has Scott's blood all over it.

Neal Caine: I'm telling you I don't know anything about this raincoat.

Detective Magee: You had Scott's blood on your shoes from that night.

Neal Caine: I went to help Scott, remember? His blood was everywhere. He was smashed by that wall, remember?

Detective Beckwith: We have more. There was blood on the inside of the raincoat too.

Neal Caine: Heath had to have seen Martin hiding this raincoat. 

Detective Magee: No, it was you because the blood on the inside of the raincoat wasn't Scott's.

Neal Caine: What are you getting at?

Detective Beckwith: The blood on the inside of the raincoat was fake. But it had a different viscosity than the standard stage blood that the actors were using in the play.

Detective Magee: It was liquidy so that it would spray easily from the zombie attack of Weston Naboa onto the nearest audience member—you.

Neal Caine: Martin was right next to me!

Detective Beckwith: We're not buying it. Tell us why you did this. Were you jealous of Scott's advances on Anna?

Neal Caine: This is insane. I never should've trusted you and come down here. I'm leaving.

Detective Beckwith: No, Mr. Caine. This time, you're staying.

Neal Caine: I'm not answering any more questions. Remember the last time you held me? I stopped answering questions, and you had to let me go.

Detective Magee: It doesn't work that way this time, Mr. Caine. Place your hands behind your back.

Neal Caine: What?

Detective Magee: You're under arrest for the murder of Scott Bryant.

Neal Caine: I want a lawyer.

Detective Magee: You'll have that opportunity.

Interview ended – 10:42 a.m.


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