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Solving murders in Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi since 1995. Examine the evidence and solve the case.

What was Lucille doing at the YCCC the night of the murder?

Lucille Ruffin-Moore, opponent of the pageant

Lucille Ruffin-Moore interview
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Lucille Ruffin-Moore bio
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Investigation Day 5 — Lucille Ruffin-Moore was quite vocal in her belief that the pageant was demeaning to Yoknaptawpha County's literary tradition.

How far would she go to protect her hero William Faulkner's legacy?

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How far would Wendy go to protect animals?

Wendy Kullman, animal activist

Wendy Kullman interview

Wendy Kullman bio
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Investigation Day 5 — Wendy Kullman has devoted her life to standing up for the rights of animals.

Would she damage property to protect them? Would she kill?

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What info did Detroit social services provide?

Social Services intake report for Doris Hammack

Social Services intake report

Social Services placement record for Doris Hammack

Social Services placement record

Letter to the Sisters of Immaculata Girls Home

Letter to Immaculata Girls Home

Investigation Day 5 — Social Services in Detroit provided what information they had about Doris Hammack's origins and history in their care.

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What did Doris Hammack tell the YCSD to get them interested in her connection to the Izard case?

Doris Hammack claimed to have new info in the Izard case

Doris Hammack interview

Investigation Day 5 — In 1998, Doris Hammack approached the YCSD, saying she had possible new information in the Izard case.

What did she say that made Detective Nelson agreed to look into her theories?

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Meet the 1998 lead YCSD investigator for the Izard case

Detective Terry Nelson re-opened the Izard case in 1998

Terry Nelson biography
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Investigation Day 5 — Terry Nelson was a top YCSD detective and an expert in crime scene analysis.

Did he see something in the Izard case files that previous investigators had missed?

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