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What did investigators learn from Izard friends and local businesses?

Canvass of 1958 acquaintances and businesses

1958 background interview summaries

Investigation Day 2 — 1958 investigators spoke to Yoknapatawpha County citizens and businesses seeking background information on the Izards and in pursuit of leads from the crime scene.

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What do the YCSD notes from the days of the murders show?

Do the investigators' case notes give us insights we haven't gotten elsewhere?

Investigators' notes – April 11, 1958

Investigation Day 2 — 1958 investigators on the Izard homicide case documented their efforts to track down potential witnesses and suspects on the day of the murders.

Do they include insights we haven't seen in official transcripts and other case documents?

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In 1958, the Izard tragedy made the national news

News on the March covers the Izard case

News on the March newsreel

Investigation Day 2 — "News on the March" covers the Izard murders and the children's disappearance in 1958.

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Where was the Bowlan Glove Factory boss in all of this?

Harold Bowlan

Harold Bowlan interview

Harold Bowlan biography
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Investigation Day 2 — Harold Bowlan and his family left town just before the layoffs were announced.

Was he expecting trouble? Did that trouble land on the Izard family when the Bowlans couldn't be found?

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Dangerous union agitator or non-violent champion for the workers?

Elliot Perch

Elliot Perch interview

Elliot Perch biography
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Investigation Day 2 — Elliot Perch came to Yoknapatawpha County in 1958 to help local garment workers organize and form a union.

When the union vote failed at the Bowlan Glove Factory, did he react — or overreact — badly?

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