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Anna Kessler interview #4

Tuesday, November 2, 2021 – 2:45 p.m.

Anna Kessler is the Yoknapatawpha Players' Artistic Director and the director of the immersive theatre play.

Detectives Magee and Beckwith spoke with her again at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective P. Beckwith
  • Detective J. Magee
  • Anna Kessler

Detective Magee: Thank you for coming in again. This shouldn't take long. Please state your name and address for the record.

Anna Kessler: I'm glad to help. Anna Kessler. 906 Cleveland Avenue, Oxford.

Detective Beckwith: Thank you. Did Denis talk to you about Scott? Specifically, did he warn you off of Scott?

Anna Kessler: Well, that's quite the opener, detective. I'm not sure why you'd ask that, but whatever. Denis talked to me about Scott, yes. I wouldn't say "warned me off," but he was wary of any woman getting involved with Scott.

Detective Beckwith: Did he say why?

Anna Kessler: Denis was devastated after Ginny died. I think he just wanted to make sure Scott wasn't some kind of serial gaslighting abuser. Scott wasn't, by the way. His relationship with Ginny was sad, and he should've broken it off with her, but … hindsight … 20/20 … you know.

Detective Beckwith: How would you describe your current relationship with Neal?

Anna Kessler: We're friendly. We're colleagues.

Detective Magee: You're saying it's not romantic?

Anna Kessler: Absolutely not. We dated, but Neal ended it, and I quickly moved on.

Detective Beckwith: Why did he end it?

Anna Kessler: I was too "out there artsy-fartsy," as he so eloquently put it. He didn't appreciate my unique view of the world. Apparently, neither did his friends or business associates.

Detective Magee: Why?

Anna Kessler: Neal intimated that it was because of my liberal views. Actually, that's sugar-coating it. He said—and it was a while ago—but my memory of his direct quote is, "If you're my girlfriend, you can't go around spouting that socialist, snowflake crap." I wasn't devastated when he broke it off.

Detective Magee: And he changed his mind?

Anna Kessler: Apparently. But I'm not at all interested in dating Neal. I'm barely interested in collaborating with Neal, but he does bring in some money, so as long as he isn't harassing me or anyone else, he gets to stay on the board. I have no control over that part of it. That's the board's decision.

Detective Beckwith: While you were dating, did he share information about Cherie?

Anna Kessler: Yes. Neal shared information about everyone. He's a gossipy little thing, that Neal.

Detective Beckwith: Did he mention any issues Cherie had before she met Glenn?

Anna Kessler: You mean drugs and alcohol? Yes. Neal told me about Cherie's addictions and how Glenn helped her get sober.

Detective Magee: Was that common knowledge? Or was he, maybe, betraying a confidence?

Anna Kessler: Neal likes to hear the sound of his own voice, and he likes to feel superior. Yes, that part of the story was common knowledge, but also, Neal has no compunction about betraying a confidence. And he did so with the rest of that story.

Detective Magee: Which is?

Anna Kessler: I don't know if it was a prenup or what, but Neal said that one of Glenn's conditions for marrying Cherie was absolute sobriety. If she slipped up, Glenn would throw her out. Neal says sobriety is stipulated in Glenn's will, too. Any contact with drugs or alcohol, and Cherie permanently loses all of Glenn's money and assets.

Detective Beckwith: Is it possible that Neal told you about those conditions so you could be a sobriety ally for Cherie?

Anna Kessler: Ha! Good one. No, detective. Neal can't stand Cherie. He thinks Glenn got taken by her. That Cherie was deeply in love, all right—with Glenn's money. Neal claims he's the one who convinced Glenn to add the strict sobriety conditions to the will.

Detective Magee: Do you believe that Neal had that much influence on Glenn?

Anna Kessler: No. I think Neal is full of crap.

Detective Beckwith: Thank you. One last question, Anna. What weapons did you use during the performance?

Anna Kessler: I had a handgun. One of the Beretta sidearms.

Detective Beckwith: That's it?

Anna Kessler: Yes, that's it.

Detective Magee: Okay, thank you for your time.

Anna Kessler: You're welcome.

Interview ended – 3:02 p.m.



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