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Kevin Ledbetter bio

Kevin Melvin Ledbetter was born June 14, 1974, to Melvin and Victoria Ledbetter of Oxford, Mississippi. Kevin was the youngest of three sons.

Kevin's mother often spoiled him, showering him with praise and gifts for the most trivial of reasons. Victoria was a stay-at-home mom and sometimes ignored the older boys to play with and entertain Kevin.

When Kevin was young, he took advantage of his mother's favoritism, but by the time he was in high school, he was tired of her constant attention and distanced himself as much as he could.

Melvin made a good living as a bricklayer, but he was often away from home for work. He tried to instill a drive in his sons to do an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. While the older two boys took this concept, Kevin preferred to look for the easy dollar.

An intelligent young man, Kevin graduated at the head of his high school class. Although he could have gone to an Ivy League school, he opted to attend the University of Mississippi.

Throughout his time at Ole Miss, Kevin's charm and charisma worked to his advantage. He actively participated in intramural sports, student government, the campus Greek community, and other non-academic extracurriculars.

He also dated a number of women but never stayed with any of them for very long.

After graduating with a business degree, Kevin went to work for an Oxford real estate company. With his ability to instantly connect with people, Kevin did very well selling homes without having to work too hard.

He met Brenda Baker at a supermarket. After a brief courtship, she accomplished what several other young ladies had tried and failed to do—got Kevin to propose. They married within a year of meeting.

Kevin and Brenda's daughter Jasmine was born in April 2005 and was immediately pampered by her mother. Recalling his own childhood, Kevin disapproved but let Brenda have her way because it was easier than arguing with her about it.

Kevin tried to be a strong role model for his daughter by taking an active part in her life, but Brenda's increasing monopoly on Jasmine's life left little room for daddy-daughter bonding. Eventually, this competition for their daughter's time drove a wedge between Brenda and Kevin that could not be repaired.

Kevin was reluctant to move out and leave Jasmine alone with her mother, but he reached a point where he felt he had no choice. After the divorce, he kept in contact with Jasmine and worked to maintain a good relationship with her.

Not long after his divorce was final, Kevin ran into Shannon Kumpfer, a woman he had dated a few times in college. They reconnected and married within a year. This new marriage caused some tension between Kevin and Jasmine, and they began to see each other less frequently.


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