Kevin talks about his relationship with his daughter

Kevin Ledbetter interview

Monday, June 10, 2019 – 4:23 p.m.

Kevin Ledbetter is Jasmine Ledbetter's father.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed him at the Yoknapatawpha Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Kevin Ledbetter

Detective Murphy: Thank you for joining us today, Mr. Ledbetter. Please state your name and address for the record.

Kevin Ledbetter: Kevin Ledbetter. I reside at 310 Lewis Lane. in Oxford.

Detective Armstrong: Thank you. Our condolences on the loss of your daughter.

Kevin Ledbetter: It's difficult to lose something you love so much. I'm getting by though.

Detective Armstrong: Were you and Jasmine very close?

Kevin Ledbetter: We were at one point, but my ex-wife took care of that. Brenda didn't like us being connected, so she made it difficult for me and Jasmine to be together.

Detective Murphy: How did she do that?

Kevin Ledbetter: Following the divorce, Jasmine and I spent many nights and weekends together, just talking and planning for what she would do with her future. I know Brenda didn't like it, and I think that's partly why I wanted to see Jasmine so much. Just because I knew it pissed Brenda off.

Detective Murphy: So you and Brenda didn't get along after your divorce?

Kevin Ledbetter: We didn't get along prior to our divorce either, Detective. Well, I shouldn't say that. In the early years, we had a very enjoyable marriage. Then it just fell apart.

Detective Armstrong: What made it fall apart?

Kevin Ledbetter: Well, as in most divorces, not specifically one thing, but a multitude of things.

Detective Armstrong: So if you had to pick one major thing that caused your divorce, what would it be?

Kevin Ledbetter: I would say the way Brenda focused all her attention on Jasmine and never paid any attention to me. Brenda was consumed with Jasmine and Jasmine's life. She didn't have time for me anymore.

Detective Murphy: I understand you're remarried?

Kevin Ledbetter: Yes, to Shannon. We dated some in college, and we reconnected following my divorce.

Detective Murphy: How did she and Jasmine get along?

Kevin Ledbetter: Well, like most times when a young girl's father remarries, I think there were some difficulties at first. But lately, I thought they were getting along fairly well.

Detective Armstrong: Did Jasmine ever tell you she was worried about anything?

Kevin Ledbetter: Worried?

Detective Armstrong: Was anybody bothering her or giving her a hard time?

Kevin Ledbetter: I don't think so. She would've told me if something like that was happening.

Detective Armstrong: What about at work? Was she having any trouble with any of her co-workers or any customers?

Kevin Ledbetter: No, no. She was doing great at Square Pizza. She just got promoted, you know.

Detective Armstrong: So she was happy working there?

Kevin Ledbetter: Sure. She knew it wasn't a long-term career, of course. That's why she was looking forward to getting the job with the photographer. But she was happy enough at the restaurant for the time being.

Detective Murphy: What did she tell you about the job with the photographer?

Kevin Ledbetter: She said it would be a great opportunity to learn a new business, and she was really hoping she'd get the job.

Detective Murphy: Do you know the photographer?

Kevin Ledbetter: Scott Knapp? I've met him a few times around town. Seems like a nice guy.

Detective Murphy: So you wouldn't have had any problem with her working for him?

Kevin Ledbetter: No, not at all. In fact, I told her it would probably be a good move for her.

Detective Murphy: How did her mother feel about her taking that job?

Kevin Ledbetter: I don't know, but my guess is she wasn't happy about it. If Brenda had her way, Jasmine would always stay her little girl.

Detective Armstrong: How did her boyfriend feel about it?

Kevin Ledbetter: Brenda has a boyfriend?

Detective Armstrong: Oh, I don't know. I meant Jasmine's boyfriend.

Kevin Ledbetter: Chris? I think he was okay with it. Why? Did he say something?

Detective Armstrong: Have you met Chris?

Kevin Ledbetter: Yeah, a few times.

Detective Armstrong: What did you think of him as a boyfriend for your daughter?

Kevin Ledbetter: He seems like a good kid.

Detective Armstrong: Did Jasmine ever say the two of them were having any problems?

Kevin Ledbetter: No, I think they got along fine. Wait. Are you saying he did this to her?

Detective Armstrong: No, sir, I'm not saying that. We're just gathering information on all of her relationships. That's why we'd like to know where you were Saturday evening?

Kevin Ledbetter: Oh, be serious, Detective. You can't possibly think I had something to do with the murder of my own daughter?

Detective Armstrong: Simply a routine question we're asking everyone, Mr. Ledbetter.

Kevin Ledbetter: Well, I was at home.

Detective Murphy: Can your wife verify that you were there?

Kevin Ledbetter: Yes. Yes, she can.

Detective Murphy: Can you think of anyone who would want to hurt your daughter?

Kevin Ledbetter: I can't. She was a very beautiful, intelligent, friendly young woman.

Detective Murphy: Well, thank you again for coming in, Mr. Ledbetter. If you think of anything else that may assist us in this case, please don't hesitate to call us.

Kevin Ledbetter: I won't, Detective. Thank you.

Interview ended – 4:51 p.m.


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