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Ashley Beckwith bio

Ashley Marie Beckwith was born on October 23, 1999, to Bret and Melissa Beckwith of Oxford, Mississippi. Bret is a renowned and highly successful cardiologist, which allowed Ashley to be raised in the utmost style and comfort. This prestige did have its drawbacks, however, as Bret was seldom home since he traveled the world lecturing and performing surgeries. Melissa was also gone from home much of the time, often joining Bret on these trips.

Ashley was primarily raised by her nannies, and she had several of them growing up. The only departing nannies who didn't complain about Ashley were those who had been handsomely compensated.

From the time she could talk, Ashley was given whatever she asked for and more. She had the best of everything, whether it was cars, jewelry or clothing. Upon graduating from high school, Ashley spent a year traveling Europe before coming back to Oxford and enrolling at Ole Miss.

It was there that she met Christopher Wooten. He was older than her, and he was everything she wanted in a boyfriend. He was good-looking, tall, and came from a good family. The two started dating, and at first, things were good.

After a few months, however, Christopher and Ashley started arguing more and more about their future together. Mutual friends say Ashley wanted a commitment with an eye toward marriage, but Christopher wasn't ready to settle down. After one particularly heated argument, Christopher broke it off with Ashley.

According to friends, Ashley was distraught over the breakup. She continued to pursue a relationship with Christopher for a while, but eventually, it appeared she accepted that he had moved on and stopped harassing him.

No one has seen Ashley dating anyone else since her relationship with Chris ended, but she is extensively involved in school politics and on-campus extracurricular activities.

According to Ashley's professors, she is an average student and often has trouble getting assignments in on time. While she is not failing, her grades are subpar.



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