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Mark Eldridge bio

Mark Elvis Eldridge was born January 8, 1980, to Delilah Eldridge of Tupelo, Mississippi. Mark never knew his father, but his mother always told him that she had spent an evening with the "King," and Mark was born nine months later on Elvis' birthday. The fact that Elvis died a few years earlier never entered into her story.

Delilah never married, and she and Mark struggled financially in his youth. Delilah took odd jobs as a waitress and often brought home men she met at work. When she had company, Mark was usually kicked out of their one-bedroom apartment, so he spent a lot of his free time roaming the streets and the local woods.

Mark didn't do well in school, largely because he often skipped class to go hunting in the woods. He didn't always wait for hunting season, so he was charged with poaching on several occasions and did several stints in the local juvenile detention center.

While Mark didn't excel in all of his classes, there was one that he enjoyed immensely: Home Economics. The school was small and combined the cooking class with a sex education class. While it is unclear why Mark enjoyed this class so much, his teacher did say he made an excellent pumpkin cookie.

Mark may not have been the actual son of Elvis Presley, but he did have at least one thing in common with him: Mark liked younger women. When he was 18, Mark was found with a 14-year-old girl. The District Attorney's Office charged him with sex with a minor, and he was sentenced to two years in state prison.

Upon his release, Mark moved to Oxford where he worked a series of jobs, never holding down any of them for too long. Mark was often seen with younger women and was charged numerous times with supplying alcohol to minors. Mark has never married, has never been in a relationship longer than three months, and is not seeing anyone currently.

Mark still goes hunting every chance he gets and again does not always do it during hunting season. While he has never been charged with poaching in Oxford, he has been under investigation several times by the Department of Fish and Game for this crime.

He lives alone in a small rented home. According to neighbors, Mark regularly hosts parties, which frequently last all night. Reportedly, teenagers are often among the partygoers.

The YCSD has no records of any incidents reported at Mark's residence.



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