Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy. Det. T. Armstrong
Incident No.: 003257-03L-2011
Case Description: Jackson Walker Homicide

The following inventory of items taken into evidence from the Jackson Walker homicide scene was provided by the Yoknapatawpha County Crime Scene Unit. Extensive trace evidence was recovered from the scene and is being cataloged. Trace evidence inventory will be made available when the cataloging process is complete.

The Walker crime scene (1013 University Avenue #3) remains sealed pending release by the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department and/or the Yoknapatawpha County District Attorney and/or defense counsel when identified.

On the chair

  • 003257-02: One (1) sugar cookie in the shape of a Christmas tree, resting on the man's left thigh.
  • 003257-03: One (1) unsigned Christmas card, adjacent to the man's left hand on the arm of the chair.
  • 003257-04: One (1) white cordless telephone, on the seat of the chair on the right side of the body.
  • 003257-05: One (1) plaid wool throw-style blanket, on the back of the chair behind the body.

On a table to the left of the victim

  • 003257-06: One (1) small rectangular dish of red and green M&M® candies.
  • 003257-07: One (1) plate of Christmas cookies in a tree shape.
  • 003257-08 through 003257-10: Three (3) foil-wrapped Choco-Santas
  • 003257-11: One (1) bottle Miller Lite® beer, approx. 1/3 remaining
  • 003257-12: One (1) buffalo sausage
  • 003257-13: One (1) jar Chokecherry jam
  • 003257-14: One (1) stack Santa paper napkins
  • 003257-15 through 003257-18: Four (4) candy canes

On the floor to the left of the victim

  • 003257-19: One (1) box of 3 buffalo sausages
  • 003257-20: One (1) box of assorted Chokecherry products (jam and syrups)
  • 003257-21: One (1) Christmas tree, decorated

On floor to the right of the victim

  • 003257-22: One (1) open gift box from Neilson's on the Square
  • 003257-23: One (1) gift bag.
  • 003257-24: assorted pieces of wrapping paper

On a wooden stand to the right of the victim

  • 003257-25: One (1) poinsettia plant.
  • 003257-26: One (1) snow man candle.
  • 003257-27: One (1) bottle cough syrup, Robitussin®, approx. 1/4 remaining, and dosage cup.



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