Investigators spoke to Sofia Church's husband, Angel Iglesias, as well as her neighbors to try to corroborate her alibi for the time Annette Wyatt was killed.

These interviews are representative of all interviews conducted.

Angel Iglesias


Angel Iglesias is Sofia Church's husband.


•  Detective S. Murphy
•  Angel Iglesias


Detective Murphy: Have a seat, and please state your name and address.

Angel Iglesias: I am Angel Jubal Iglesias and my address is 102 Augusta Drive, Oxford.

Detective Murphy: We need to ask you about the weekend of September 15 and 16.

Angel Iglesias: This about my wife’s co-worker who was murdered?

Detective Parker: Yes. Do you recall that weekend?

Angel Iglesias: Yes, ma’am.

Detective Murphy: Where were you on the evening of the 15th?

Angel Iglesias: I was home all evening.

Detective Parker: Where was your wife?

Angel Iglesias: She was home also.

Detective Parker: All evening?

Angel Iglesias: Yes. We have three kids, and she works.

Detective Murphy: What time did you both go to bed?

Angel Iglesias: Sofia went to bed about 10:00.

Detective Murphy: You didn’t?

Angel Iglesias: I had a poker game to attend. I left the house at 10:30.

Detective Murphy: What time did you return home?

Angel Iglesias: It was late, maybe 3:30, 4:00 a.m.

Detective Murphy: And your wife was home when you got there?

Angel Iglesias: Of course she was.

Detective Murphy: Where do you attend church?

Angel Iglesias: Saint Andrews United Methodist.

Detective Murphy: Did you go to church that Sunday morning?

Angel Iglesias: No, I was out too late, slept in.

Detective Murphy: What about Sofia?

Angel Iglesias: She went. She always takes the kids to Sunday school, and then we all stay for church.

Detective Parker: Did you speak with her before she left?

Angel Iglesias: She came in and told me goodbye, gave me a kiss.

Detective Murphy: How did she seem?

Angel Iglesias: No different than any other day.

Detective Murphy: Where were you when Sofia returned home?

Angel Iglesias: I was just getting out of the shower.

Detective Murphy: Thank you for your time Mr. Iglesias.

Angel Iglesias: You’re welcome.


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