Investigators spoke to Meg Lancaster's boyfriend Chad Nixon as well as her neighbors to try to corroborate her alibi for the time Annette Wyatt was killed.

These interviews are representative of all interviews conducted.

Chad Nixon


Chad Nixon has been Meg Lancaster's boyfriend for about the last year.


•  Detective E. Parker
•  Chad Nixon


Detective Parker: Can you tell me where you were the evening of Saturday, September 15?

Chad Nixon: I was out with my girlfriend, Meg Lancaster.

Detective Parker: How long were you together?

Chad Nixon: You mean on Saturday?

Detective Parker: Yes.

Chad Nixon: A few hours, from about 6:00 to maybe 9:00 or so.

Detective Parker: Where were you two?

Chad Nixon: We went to get sushi at Two Sticks and then grabbed a couple drinks at City Grocery after that.

Detective Parker: Did Ms. Lancaster mention work during this time?

Chad Nixon: Uh, yeah. She mentioned some investigation going on at the agency. I guess someone was leaking information about clients, and Annette – that's one of Meg's colleagues – was going to find out who was doing it.

Detective Parker: Did Ms. Lancaster have any theories about the person who leaked the information?

Chad Nixon: Yeah, she said it was probably Sofia. She's another colleague.

Detective Parker: Did this seem to weigh heavily on Ms. Lancaster that night at dinner?

Chad Nixon: No, not really.

Detective Parker: Did Ms. Lancaster say what she was going to do after you parted company?

Chad Nixon: She said she had some work to do.

Detective Parker: Did she say where she was going to do the work?

Chad Nixon: No. I figured she was going to the office, but she could have brought her work home. I didn’t ask.

Detective Parker: Did you drive her home?

Chad Nixon: No, we left in our own cars.

Detective Parker: Did you see which direction she went when she left? Did she drive toward her home or toward her office?

Chad Nixon: I don't know. We parked on different streets, so I didn't actually see her leave.

Detective Parker: Thank you.


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