The victim's cell phone GPS was used to pinpoint new locations every 30 minutes for a 7-day period from Monday, September 10, 2012 through Sunday, September 16, 2012. The dates and locations reflect the phone's location within 200 feet at the time indicated.

The chart below summarizes the GPS data. Only changes in location are noted. Times indiciate the victim's cell phone was in that location sometime during that hour.

Address for properties for sale have been redacted, but locations are differentiated with letter designations.

Sept 10
Sept 11
Sept 12
Sept 13
Sept 14
Sept 15
Sept 16
8 AM Victim's residence Uptown Coffee       Home for Sale (Location D)  
9 AM Bottle Tree Bakery Bottle Tree Bakery Bottle Tree Bakery Bottle Tree Bakery Bottle Tree Bakery    
10 AM Harte Agency Harte Agency Harte Agency Harte Agency Harte Agency Home for Sale (Location C)  
11 AM              
12 PM Ajax Diner     The Village Tailor      
1 PM Harte Agency Applebee's Bottle Tree Bakery Harte Agency Casa Bella Hair Designs Larson's Big Star Grocery  
2 PM    Harte Agency Harte Agency     Victim's residence  
3 PM   Home for Sale (Location B) Home for Sale (Location A) My Favorite Shoes Home for Sale (Location B) Kyle Parker's residence  
4 PM Home for Sale (Location A)     Ben's Antiques Harte Agency    
5 PM The Village Tailor Larson's Big Star Grocery Oxford Health Club Harte Agency      
6 PM Kyle Parker's residence Victim's residence The Roadhouse     The Roadhouse  
7 PM Bottle Tree Bakery Oxford Health Club Harte Agency Oxford Health Club   Harte Agency  
8 PM Naomi Fields' residence The Roadhouse   Kyle Parker's residence      
9 PM   Pearce Brokers   Victim's residence      
10 PM Victim's residence Victim's residence Victim's residence        
11 PM         Victim's residence    
12 AM              
1 AM              
2 AM              
3 AM              
4 AM              
5 AM              
6 AM              
7 AM              


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