Ned Harold Fisher was born August 11, 1985, to Wayne and Christine Fisher in Memphis, Tennessee. Ned, the baby of the family, almost immediately became Wayne's favorite and "the little man" was given the run of the house.

Engaging, energetic, and outgoing, Ned was a stark contrast to his older, shyer brother, Joel. From the first day of school, Ned was everyone's favorite. Boys and girls alike appreciated his daring, his willingness to jump off the top of the jungle gym, and his speed at playing tag. And as he progressed through elementary school, teachers also noticed his powerful personality.

But all those positive qualities came with more than a few negative characteristics. "He never did his homework, was a disruption in class, and didn't put forth one ounce of energy," said teacher Nell Johnson. "But he could charm you. Just when you were ready to give up on him, he'd convince you that he would do better. And then he'd just go right back to his old ways."

As much as teachers were charmed by his personality, they were also beginning to grow concerned that his behavior might be more than simply that of an overactive child.

"He started acting out, especially after his father left home," says sixth grade teacher Brenda Williams. "I had heard about a change in him, that he got more menacing, and then when he showed up in class, it was true." Ned began getting in fights with other students and taking things from their desks.

By the time he was in high school, Ned had used up most of the goodwill that his personality could draw out of his teachers. "He was really a troubled kid by that point," says school counselor Robert Burke. "This wasn't just a kid who can't sit still. This was a kid showing signs of some very real adjustment and personality challenges."

Anyone on the faculty who still thought the young man could turn things around lost that optimism when Ned got into a fight with his older brother, Joel, in the school cafeteria.

"This was brutal stuff," says custodian Ronald Hampton. "He was beating on his brother with a plastic tray, smacked him right in the face. I mean, me and my brother used to fight, but not like that. This was dangerous."

Ned bounced around between after-school detention, in-school detention, suspension, and every other program the school system had to offer. He flunked his freshman year and performed poorly his sophomore year. Eventually, as soon as he was old enough, Ned quit school.

"You know, even those of us that always held out hope for him, if we were being honest with ourselves, we'd have to admit we were glad to see him gone," said teacher Gina Tubbs. "He had just become such a disruption. And a threat to safety of the other students."

Criminal records for juveniles are difficult to obtain, but it is almost certain that Ned had a police record by his late teens. He worked sporadically around Pontotoc and Tupelo, almost always in manual labor jobs. His work was described as sloppy and erratic by many of his supervisors and colleagues, but he managed to keep a roof over his head.

In 2006, Ned was arrested in Batesville, Mississippi for petty larceny. He also shows arrests for passing bad checks and breaking-and-entering. In 2008, he moved to Oxford and picked up odd jobs working construction, washing dishes, and working timber.

In 2012, Ned went into business with his father, Wayne. They started a pest control and extermination company.

Since opening the business with his father, Ned's life seems to have been very quiet and stable. No police records or abnormal credit records are on file for him from that time to the present.

Evidence indicates that he dates, but not seriously nor prolifically enough to attract any attention. His spending habits appear to be consistent with his income, and aside from his continued estrangement from his brother and mother, nothing in his life seems out of the ordinary.

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