Investigating Officer(s): Det. T. Armstrong, Det. S. Murphy
Incident No.: 002223-14G-2014
Case Description: Reagle Farm Road John Doe homicide investigation

Investigators created this map of the evidence recovered in and around the farmhouse at 175 Reagle Farm Road in east Yoknapatawpha County.


Click a blue evidence marker to view details of evidence found in that location

{imagemapster highlightcolor="#0000ff" diameter="10"} Farmhouse {area coords="465,394" imgsrc="/images/stories/hand/housepics-sm/shovel.jpg" title="shovel found in outbuilding" desc="002223-74"} {area coords="460,357" imgsrc="/images/stories/hand/housepics-sm/coleman-latern.jpg" title="Coleman lantern found in outbuilding" desc="002223-73"} {area coords="407,396" title="brown stain on kitchen countertop" desc="002223-T04"} {area coords="246,308" imgsrc="/images/stories/hand/housepics-sm/jack-daniels.jpg" title="Jack Daniels" desc="002223-66"} {area coords="248,387" title="20-count box, .45 ACP Federal 230gr Hydra-Shok JHP ammunition" desc="002223-67"} {area coords="232,403" imgsrc="/images/stories/hand/housepics-sm/shotgun-shells.jpg" title="shotgun shells" desc="002223-68"} {area coords="206,349" imgsrc="/images/stories/hand/housepics-sm/black-panties.jpg" title="panties" desc="002223-70"} {area coords="205,314" imgsrc="/images/stories/hand/housepics-sm/blue-button.jpg" title="blue plastic button" desc="002223-71"} {area coords="169,340" title="brown stain on living room floor" desc="002223-T03"} {area coords="152,375" imgsrc="/images/stories/hand/housepics-sm/old.lamp-180px.jpg" title="glass oil lantern" desc="002223-72"} {area coords="108,357" imgsrc="/images/stories/hand/housepics-sm/tshirt-blood.jpg" title="t-shirt" desc="002223-69"} {area coords="99,246" title="brown stain on interior door frame" desc="002223-T01"} {/imagemapster}

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