Robyn Dykman is Cindy Fine's younger sister

Robyn Elise Campbell was born in Oxford, Mississippi, to Michael and Natasha Campbell on March 3, l980.

She and her older sister, Cindy, were brought up in a devoted Christian family whose social world revolved mainly around church activities. Unlike her sister, Robyn became interested in other activities outside of church in her adolescent years.

Robyn's cheery disposition and warm smile made her popular with her classmates. As a product of the Oxford public school system and a family whose friendships were extensive, Robyn had friends of all racial, socioeconomic and educational backgrounds. She had always done well in school, was academically ambitious, and liked getting excellent grades.

While Cindy had pursued music, Robyn enjoyed dancing. She had been exposed to jazz and tap classes at the city's Activity Center when in elementary school and had stayed with it as long as the classes were offered practically free.

There was never quite enough money in the Campbell budget for private dance lessons, but Robyn danced to any music she heard and enjoyed the freedom of choreographing her own routines.

When a sophomore in high school, she joined the cheerleading squad, which provided her the opportunity to dance and to lead cheers and spirit songs.

Robyn dated many of the young men at Oxford High and had a couple of what she thought were serious relationships, but upon graduation from high school, turned her attention to furthering her education.

She attended Northwest Community College in Oxford to pursue a general nursing degree. While there, she met Bill Dykman and they began dating.

Near her graduation date, Robyn announced to her parents she and Bill were planning to be married. The Campbells were momentarily stunned by the news. They were fond of Bill, but concerned with the challenges facing a young interracial couple in the South.

However, after talking with Bill and Robyn, the Campbells realized the thought and maturity upon which the couple had based their decision to marry, and were completely supportive of their plans.

Cindy was thrilled to be her sister's matron of honor in the 2001 marriage ceremony that was held at their church with family and friends present.

Robyn and Cindy remain close and talk on the phone almost every day. They shared their joys and sorrows, the greatest of the latter being that neither had been able to bear children.

Robyn and Bill have recently looked into the possibility of adopting, but Cindy felt Andy would never agree to raise another person's child.

The escalation of Andy's abuse of Cindy concerned Robyn. Since her repeated urgings to leave Andy had fallen on deaf ears, she had encouraged Cindy to go to the Domestic Violence Project for counseling — but without success.

Robyn told some of her close friends that she was worried Andy might seriously hurt or even kill Cindy sometime during one of his drunken rages.

She felt helpless and frustrated that Cindy continued to take the blame for Andy's behavior, and Robyn was getting impatient with her sister's denial of an existing problem.

But Robyn and Bill remained available to Cindy whenever she needed their help and support, as she did in the early morning hours of July 4, 2014.

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