Eddie Dooley has been charged with petty crimes in the past but nothing serious

Edward Lamar Dooley was born on December 12, 1977, in Ashburn, Georgia. His father, William, was a part-time farmer, part-time odd-job schemer, and his mother, Edith, was a homemaker and was also jokingly referred to as a government red tape facilitator.

The Dooley family never had much money or ambition. William scraped by growing a few crops and raising a handful of scraggly pecan trees. He tended to spend more time playing poker and drinking with the boys than actually working, so money was always a scarcity in the Dooley home.

Inevitably, the family would get into some money bind and then William would turn to odd jobs as a way of trying to bail them out of the trouble. He often took jobs as a handyman working on private residences. The people of Ashburn could never understand why he would drive for an hour or two to get to these jobs. Didn't Ashburn houses need painting or a new porch?

According to local law enforcement, the reason was clear — William was suspected of stealing items from the houses he worked on. Sometimes he allegedly would get a homeowner to buy additional supplies, and then William would sell them to other construction crews.

Edith stayed at home and raised Eddie and his two older brothers, Jack and Terrance. When money became tight around the house, she also knew how to turn a quick scam.

She was known throughout the county as the person who could help you fill out the government forms to get extra assistance. She knew how to create an extra dependent or to claim higher medical bills. She knew which agencies talked to each other and which didn't. Edith could help a person bilk money out of the city, county, state, and federal governments all in the same day.

Sometimes when the Dooleys needed money, Edith would pull off some scam herself, but usually she just guided other people through the labyrinth of paperwork in exchange for a healthy percentage of their take.

The Dooley boys all grew up in this environment of shadiness and deceit. Jack and Terrance grew tired of their father's lack of ambition. They felt that if he was going to be a farmer, then he should be a farmer. If he was going to be a con artist, then he should be a proper one.

As they grew older, they went in different directions, Jack to the pecan tree business and Terrance to the burglar business. But both distinguished themselves in their intelligence, ability, and ambition. Neither wanted to continue William's hardscrabble life.

Eddie, however, did inherit his father's laziness and slow mind. He dropped out of high school and made his way on construction jobs, stealing supplies and tools.

He floated over to the nearby town of Fitzgerald and worked at the AC Delco plant. He thought a bogus worker's compensation claim would set him up for a while, but of course the money immediately disappeared and Eddie was back to work soon enough.

Over the years, he drifted west through Georgia, Alabama, and into Mississippi. He managed to avoid any serious jail time, just a weekend here and there in county lockup. He would always leave a small town in the middle of the night with eviction notices and rent due bills still tacked to the door and signs posted throughout the town to not accept checks from Edward Dooley.

Eventually, Eddie landed in Oxford. The small town suited him, and the college allowed plenty of opportunity for his lazy method of crime. Fraternity houses and convertible BMWs were always easy to reach into.

Eddie was arrested for petty theft a handful of times, but recently has been able to stay under the radar of the campus police and the sheriff's department.

At the time of Andy Fine's death, Eddie was working part-time for the University of Mississippi Physical Plant.

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