Carl Fine had a difficult relationship with his half-brother all their lives

Carl Christopher Bradley was born to Johnny and Grace Bradley in Oxford, Mississippi on March 16, 1970. Johnny worked in the timber industry cutting down trees for pulpwood. Grace stayed at home and raised the family.

Carl often rode with his father in the pulpwood trucks, bouncing up and down the highway to Grenada with a load of those massive logs in the back of the truck.

But Carl's playtime in the forests of northern Mississippi came to an end when Johnny Bradley was crushed under a fallen tree. There was rampant speculation concerning the incident, including some at the plants who thought Johnny was drunk and brought it on himself, but Carl has never discovered the true answer.

For the next couple of years, Grace and Carl lived with family and subsisted on the collection fund from people at the church and the pulpwood plant.

But then Grace married Robert Fine, a mechanic. Carl found it hard adjusting to the image of his new father working in such a confined space. Accustomed to the walls of trees, the garage seemed so tiny, so constricted.

In later years, Carl's half-brother, Andy, loved the garage and loved watching his father, but Carl never really spent much time in the garage. His new stepfather treated him well and soon adopted Carl, but Carl just never could get used to that garage.

If it was difficult adjusting to the sight of a man working in a garage, it was even more difficult for Carl to get used to his new brother as Andy grew up.

Andy's temper and attitude often caused friction between the two brothers. Carl tried to take the high road and allow his younger brother to focus his temper tantrums on him, hoping to keep their younger sister, Antoinette, out of Andy's line of fire.

Throughout high school and even into adulthood, Carl usually just allowed Andy to vent his anger and venom without responding. Even though he knew Andy would unleash a torrent of criticism, questioning his courage and his manhood, Carl just walked away.

In school, Carl did fairly well. He was far from the top of the class, but he tried hard, and the teachers appreciated his effort and eagerness.

He worked summers in the timber industry, following in his father's footsteps. He saved his money enough to buy an old Ford pickup truck and often spent the afternoons cleaning and polishing the truck.

After graduation, Carl went fulltime into timber and soon managed a team of pulpwood men. Carl's hard work and dedication served him well as he worked his way up through the forestry company.

After Andy graduated high school, Carl enjoyed the quiet that his brother's enlistment in the Navy provided.

Carl had always worked hard to maintain a relationship with Andy, but he was also grateful for the peace that came with Andy's absence.

While Andy was away, Carl dated Cindy Campbell for a time. On Fridays after a long day in the forest, he would take Cindy to the movies and to eat somewhere on the Square.

The relationship seemed to be progressing, and most people at their church felt like it was just a matter of time before they married.

But then Andy returned from his stint in the Navy, and Cindy soon took up with him.

Carl was enraged by this betrayal, but as always, he deferred to his tumultuous brother and tried to maintain the peace.

Andy and Cindy soon married, and it bothered Carl to see the way his brother treated his new bride, but he tried to remain quiet, not wanting to make things any worse for Cindy.

Soon after Andy's marriage, their Aunt Minnie passed away and left her farmhouse to Carl, Andy and Antoinette. Over his siblings' objections, Andy held loud parties there that often left the house in shambles.

Even though Carl was sometimes invited to the parties, Andy ignored Carl's pleas to keep the house in good order, and it gradually fell into disrepair.

In recent years, with his mother and sister living in Florida, Carl was on his own to try to rein in his wayward brother's behavior.

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