Andy Fine was born and raised in Yoknapatawpha CountyAndrew Richard Fine was born in Oxford, Mississippi on October 17, 1973. His father, Robert, worked as an automobile mechanic and his mother, Grace, was a homemaker. The Fines were a hard-working family, firmly situated in the working class.

As a child, Andy often watched his father work on cars and by elementary school, Andy could identify the different models of cars and describe their engines.

Outside of his father's garage, Andy was known throughout the elementary school for his quick temper and tendency to bully the other children.

At home, he even bullied Carl, his older half-brother. Carl tried to be good-natured about it and didn't always fight back, but their relationship suffered.

Throughout high school, Andy continued his excellence in the garage and his torment of anyone who crossed his path.

Very few of the teachers at the school liked Andy, but for the most part, he stayed out of trouble. His got into a handful of fights but was never suspended or expelled.

Andy graduated from high school with a mediocre grade point average, a class that barely tolerated him, and a skill for working with his hands and fixing cars.

With limited options, Andy enlisted in the Navy. On the night before he left for boot camp, Andy's father gave him a wristwatch and told him how proud he was.

Robert Fine wasn't blind to his son's faults, but he loved him and was very proud of his skill with car repair. Robert started making plans to bring Andy into his business when he got out of the Navy.

After boot camp, Andy was stationed at the naval base in Groton, Connecticut, where he repaired supply trucks engines in the motor pool.

Andy approached his service in the Navy the same way he had approached his schooling. He excelled with his work, but had trouble getting along with his supervisors and his fellow sailors.

Andy's anger seemed to get worse in the Navy, and his fighting became increasingly violent. He spent some time in the brig, and when he wasn't officially locked up, he was often cleaning pots and pans as a disciplinary measure.

Andy's escalation in violence seemed to coincide with the death of his father. Andy had always looked up to the hard-working man, and Robert's heart attack and sudden death in 1992 was devastating to Andy. He started drinking and fighting even more.

When Andy came up for re-enlistment, his commanding officer made it clear it was not encouraged, so Andy was discharged and returned to Oxford.

He got work in various garages and auto shops around town, but his attitude and temper kept him bouncing from job to job. The only thing long-term in Andy's life was his new wife, Cindy.

When Andy returned to Oxford, he found that his half-brother, Carl, was dating Cindy Campbell, who had always caught Andy's eye in high school. Andy started talking to her on the nights that the Fine brothers would go out.

Soon enough, Cindy broke up with Carl and began dating Andy, which caused some friction between the Fine brothers. But as usual, Carl swallowed his pride and tried to maintain a relationship with Andy.

Shortly after they started dating, Andy and Cindy wed and embarked on what some people familiar with the couple describe as a tempestuous marriage.

Andy also began working at Laughlin Automotive & Body Shop. The job and the workplace suited Andy's temperament.

According to former employees, fights are an accepted way of life at Laughlin Auto Body, and the grease monkeys often take breaks during the day to watch some of their co-workers slug it out back in the gravel lot.

Andy, always alert for an opportunity to make an easy and tax-free buck, noticed some of his co-workers seemed to have extra cash about once a week and kept his eyes open for an opportunity to get a piece of the action for himself.

YCSD confidential informants claim that Chas Laughlin, owner of Laughlin Auto Body, pays a few of his most trusted employees cash under the table to pick up "special" after-market auto parts from various suppliers in North Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee.

On Monday, July 7, 2014, Cindy reported her husband missing, saying she hadn't seen or heard from him since a night on the town July 3rd.

On Sunday, July 13, 2014, an Oxford-area farmer was arrested in possession of what was later identified as a human hand belonging to Andrew Fine.

On Monday, July 14, a body believed to be Andrew Fine's was discovered in a shallow grave alongside Reagle Farm Road on the outskirts of Oxford. The body was missing its right hand.

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