John Reagle has been farming in Yoknapatawpha County for almost 50 yearsJohn Reagle was born June 6, 1971, in Biloxi, Mississippi, and lived there until his father, John Sr., inherited the 250-acre farm just outside Oxford in 1975.

Johnny's father worked the farm until his death in 2001. Johnny's mother soon followed his father in death and Johnny, along with his two younger brothers and younger sister, inherited the farm.

Johnny and his wife, Evelyn, had lived at the farm to help his parents and Evelyn was earnest about helping his mother, Juby, with the chores of a farmer's wife. Of course, living and working with his parents meant Johnny didn't have to look for full time work. After Johnny's parents died, he and Evelyn continued to live on and work the farm.

However, Johnny's brothers and sister moved out of the family home as soon as they were old enough because they wanted nothing to do with farming. They all currently live and work around or in Oxford. They still own their percentage of the farm and will share in the profits, if ever the land is sold.

Johnny has maintained the farm the best he can, but has difficulty due to his binge drinking. At times, the farm work is neglected for weeks at a time because he can't afford to hire full-time help and he mismanages his money.

Johnny has considered giving up farming completely and selling off some of the land, but his greed has made deals fall through because he refuses to negotiate his inflated asking price.

Although he is quite intelligent and inventive, Johnny is known around town as a braggart and often isn't taken seriously because of his drinking. Several of his social acquaintances consider him an annoyance but quite harmless.

When Johnny isn't drinking, he is a warm and a very likable guy, but when he's intoxicated he can be unpredictable and could do anything.

Johnny and Evelyn are still married, but have been separated since she left him in December 2013. Evelyn is living with her mother in Oxford. A divorce is pending, which should become final sometime within a month or two.

Johnny has had a few live-in girlfriends since his wife left him, and the latest one, Lisa Holman, left town a month ago. Since Lisa left, Johnny's luck has run a little dry, and he hasn't dated anyone, although he always has his eyes open for another woman.

Johnny has never been in trouble with the law except for traffic violations, mostly speeding and parking tickets. He has no outstanding unpaid traffic tickets, but has gained several points on his driver's license and is in jeopardy of losing it. He drives an older pickup truck that burns oil. Friends have told him that the truck should be shot and put out of its misery.

On July 13, 2014, John Reagle was arrested outside Duffy's Bar & Grill after he was found to be in possession of a severed human hand.

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