bio-lita-harrisonLita Marie Harrison was born on May 3, 1988, to Moira and Daniel Harrison in Macon, Georgia. Lita was the only girl of three children and both her parents doted on her. Even her brothers, Matt and Donovan, adored her and protected her against any and all perceived enemies. Some people in their old neighborhood used to say that Lita's feet never touched the ground until she was fifteen.

It was when Lita was fifteen that she discovered boys and they discovered her. She always had a special intuition that her beauty was her biggest blessing and, while God may have left her short of talents and graces in other ways, she found that beauty trumped everything else anyway. Lita discovered that a certain arch of an eyebrow or twinkle of an eye could yield pretty much anything she wanted.

It broke Moira's heart when Lita left school to become an exotic dancer, though her mother didn't mind the gifts that Lita's tips could buy. Lita started out working at clubs in Macon, and once she'd honed her skills, she decided to move to Atlanta where she could earn more money. When her father suffered a stroke in 2009, Lita paid most of the bills for the rest home he moved into. Despite the excellent care and attention her father received, he died in 2010 and Lita hasn't been home to Macon since.

Lita currently works at The Pink Posy in Atlanta. She also is doing some work with Gus Heller and the late Rolf Warner on a video game they're developing. Lita is temporarily staying at the Ole Miss Motel in Oxford during the investigation into the Warner murder.

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