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Biography: Rolf Warner

Rolf Warner, victim

Rolf Warner was born in Alpen, Germany on July 11, 1974. Before coming to the United States, Warner lived in Duisburg in western Germany. In November 2011, Warner entered the U.S. in Atlanta, Georgia, and had been issued a temporary work permit, which indicates he expected to stay in the country for an extended period working for a video game development company in Atlanta.

Warner arrived in Oxford on Monday, December 26, 2011 with two companions, Gus Heller and Lita Harrison. The trio checked into two rooms at the Ole Miss Motel on Monday evening and had not checked out at the time of Warner's death. The reason Warner and his friends were visiting Oxford is not known at this time, but further investigation is expected to uncover that information.

Among the items found on the body were an Ole Miss Motel room key, a German-issued passport, assorted credit cards, and a loaded handgun.

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