Hair Loss Biography: Steve Potter

Steve Potter, Rowan Oak groundskeeper

Steve Potter was born to Jim and Natalie Potter in Pontotoc, Mississippi on January 23, 1983. Just a couple of years after Scott's birth, his parents separated and Jim left for the northeast. Natalie Potter struggled as a single parent and worked as a waitress, school bus driver, secretary, and other jobs in an attempt to provide for her son.

Scott's years in school were unremarkable. He frequently missed classes because he simply didn't want to go. Natalie would leave early in the morning for work, and Steve just wouldn't go. Struggling with the bills left precious little time for parenting in the Potter household.

By the time he was in high school, Steve was several years behind his class. When he reached 16 years of age, he quit school entirely. He picked up odd jobs in grocery stores and on farms for money. The years rolled together with very little for Steve to show for his time besides an old El Camino and a rented mobile home.

In his mid-20s, Steve was arrested for dealing a small amount of marijuana. He had been selling small portions here and there for years, but this was his first arrest. He was only in jail for a couple of months, but it scared him nonetheless. A sympathetic guard helped Steve get a job with the University of Mississippi after his release.

Since he began working at Ole Miss, Steve has been determined to clean up his act. He realizes that wealth and fame are not in his future, but he does hope to get a decent job and eventually raise a family.

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