This is Jenna Hall reporting live from the crime scene.

University of Mississippi instructor Krist Waterson was found dead in her apartment in the complex behind me.

The body of the 26-year-old was found hanging in her bedroom closet in what first looked to be a suicide. However, an autopsy found she had been strangled, and then, investigators say, the scene was staged to give the appearance she had killed herself.

Detectives had few leads and no strong suspects, but all of that changed when 21-year-old Nathaniel "Hunter" Nelson, former student and alleged ex-boyfriend of Waterson, was arrested for murder.

But then, in a startling development, Nelson was released from custody, and all charges against him were dropped.

Action News caught up with Nelson as he was leaving the County Detention Center.

"I said all along I didn't kill Kristi, and this just proves I was telling the truth."

The sheriff's department has declined to comment on what led to Nelson's release.

We will continue to follow the investigation into the murder of Kristi Waterson and bring you any upcoming news when it becomes available to us.

For now, reporting live from the crime scene, Jenna Hall, Channel 12 Action News.

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I am wondering what set him free

  Rima Mathewson
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One of the major pieces of evidence was a latex condom. Hunter is allergic to latex and could not have been the one to use that condom.

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