Investigating Officer(s): Det. T. Armstrong, Det. S. Murphy
Incident No.: 005191-07J-2018
Case Description: Kristi Waterson death investigation

The following items were taken into evidence from the Kristi Waterson's office at C-115 Bondurant Hall on the University of Mississippi campus.

  • 005191-21: One (1) USB flash drive
  • 005191-22: One (1) laptop computer — S/N 0691-XXXXXXXX
  • 005191-23: One (1) hairbrush
  • 005191-24: One (1) glass candy jar, approx. 1/4 full, misc. candies
  • 005191-25: One (1) foil-wrappedTrojan Twisted Pleasure lubricated latex condom
  • 005191-26: One (1) tin of Altoids breath mints, containing nineteen (19) white tablets
  • 005191-27: One (1) travel sewing kit, Rebel Inn
  • 005191-27: One (1) silk scarf, women's, light blue
  • 005191-29: One (1) American Express Platinum credit card issued to Kristal B. Waterson

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