Krist joined the business school as an instructor after she graduated from Ole Miss

Kristi Waterson bio

Kristal Bentley Waterson was born on March 23, 1992, to Michael and Virginia Waterson.

Experts in Southern Studies at the University of Mississippi, who commented on the condition of strict anonymity, said Michael Waterson, using his family's oil money, has brokered political elections at local, state, and national levels. They also noted that Waterson’s power-wielding has earned him many enemies, although there is no public record of vocal opposition to Waterson or his influence in any recent history commentaries on Mississippi politics.

One of the few people willing to answer questions about Kristi's early life is a teacher who changed a "Needs work in social skills" to a "Plays well with others." Only after a guarantee of anonymity did the teacher describe the experience.

"Kristi was a charming child. Based on things I'd heard, I thought she'd be a spoiled brat, but instead, I found her to be a little lost. She had trouble relating to her classmates. She tried to ingratiate herself with the kids who taunted her the most. After first quarter report cards went out, her father asked me what we could do about Kristi's scores. We finally agreed that he would donate a much-needed playground the school so his daughter could improve her social skills."

As a high school junior, Kristi told her friends she was having an intimate relationship with Jack Aston, her guidance counselor. Now a forest ranger in Nebraska, Aston still claims that Kristi was the aggressor, not that he excuses his behavior. "Kristi was starved for attention and approval. Or disapproval. Discipline. When I called it quits, she told her father that I'd made advances, and he relocated me here before the situation could go public."

After high school, Kristi was admitted to the University of Mississippi, although a review of her application on file finds it unsigned. At the same time, the University received an "exceptionally generous contribution from an anonymous but eminently respected benefactor."

Few students remember her attending classes, and one roommate said she never saw her Kristi once during the semester they supposedly shared a room, she received a bachelor's degree in political science and then an MBA. 

After Kristi graduated, she was offered an instructor position in the Business Administration School. She accepted the job two weeks later, shortly after the creation of the "Waterson Endowment for the Study and Advancement of Business Development in the South." The following week, new carpeting, executive furniture, and a cutting-edge computer system were installed in the Business School including Kristi's new corner, window office.

Among students, Kristi is rumored to have graded her students' work easily, canceled class quickly on sunny days, and offered abundant "academic counseling" to her male students. The few times she appeared at school functions, she did so "reeking of bourbon" according to a fellow instructor.

John Brewer, head of Kristi’s department, says he was not able to produce any evidence that Kristi had a drinking problem. Brewer said that any other complaints about Kristi had been "resolved satisfactorily."


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