The detectives located Wayne Fisher's son, Joel, for an interview
Thursday, February 25, 2016 – 1:00 p.m.

Joel Fisher is the elder son of Wayne Fisher. Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed him at his residence. The interview was recorded with the witness' knowledge and consent.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Joel Fisher

Detective Armstrong: Thanks for agreeing to see us today.

Detective Murphy: Our condolences for your loss.

Joel Fisher: How can I help you?

Detective Armstrong: For starters, we'll need your name and address.

Joel Fisher: Joel Jackson Fisher, 2109 Harris Drive.

Detective Murphy: Where do you work?

Joel Fisher: The university library, but just part-time.

Detective Murphy: Are you married?

Joel Fisher: Yes.

Detective Murphy: Do you have children?

Joel Fisher: Yes, my son, Charlie. He's five now.

Detective Armstrong: I understand you're Wayne Fisher's son.

Joel Fisher: Yes.

Detective Armstrong: Did he live here in town?

Joel Fisher: I don't know.

Detective Armstrong: You don't know?

Joel Fisher: No. We didn't speak.

Detective Armstrong: How often did you see him?

Joel Fisher: Never. We didn't keep in touch.

Detective Armstrong: You didn't know where he lived?

Joel Fisher: No. I heard he was here in town, but that's it.

Detective Armstrong: How did you hear that?

Joel Fisher: My mom. She's still in touch with Ned — he's my brother. She said he worked with my father.

Detective Murphy: What's your brother's name?

Joel Fisher: Ned Fisher.

Detective Murphy: Where does he live?

Joel Fisher: I don't know. I guess he was here with my father, but that's just a guess.

Detective Murphy: How often did you see Ned?

Joel Fisher: Never.

Detective Armstrong: Why never?

Joel Fisher: Mom and my father divorced, and Ned and I pretty much took sides. My father was a bastard, but I guess Ned didn't see it that way.

Detective Armstrong: A bastard in what way?

Joel Fisher: He had a criminal record. You have to know that already. He wasn't a nice guy — didn't give a damn about us or Mom.

Detective Armstrong: When was this?

Joel Fisher: Way back. Before high school. They got divorced in… it must have been 1997. I haven't talked with him much since then. He moved out, and I never wanted to see him again.

Detective Armstrong: What about Ned? When was the last time you saw him?

Joel Fisher: I don't know. College, I guess. I would go home, and he'd be there. We didn't get along. He's just like my father — lazy. He took advantage of Mom. She kicked him out ten years ago now, I guess, maybe more. That was it.

Detective Murphy: What's your mother's name?

Joel Fisher: Christine Fisher. Do you have to bother her with this? It'll just upset her.

Detective Murphy: I'm afraid so. Where does she live?

Joel Fisher: Pontotoc. I can give you her number if you want.

Detective Murphy: That'd be helpful, once we're done.

Detective Armstrong: You seem pretty angry at your father and brother.

Joel Fisher: It's something I'm working on. Therapy — my wife, Delia, asked me to do it. But you know what they say — childhood experiences are indelible. I guess I've been mad at my father all my life. I'm just not ready to forgive all that, especially being a dad myself. I would do anything for my son. I can't understand people who don't.

Detective Armstrong: Maybe your father thought what he was doing was best for the family.

Joel Fisher: I doubt that occurred to him.

Detective Armstrong: Why do you say that?

Joel Fisher: I don't know. I'm just guessing. He wasn't around enough for me to know.

Detective Murphy: Mr. Fisher, who is Robert Pruitt?

Joel Fisher: I don't know. Or… isn't he the other guy? I thought I read it in the paper. The other guy who was shot?

Detective Murphy: Did you know him?

Joel Fisher: No.

Detective Murphy: Did Delia know him?

Joel Fisher: No, not that I know of.

Detective Murphy: Why would your father be in Mr. Pruitt's house?

Joel Fisher: I have no idea.

Detective Murphy: Who is Vanessa Pruitt?

Joel Fisher: I don't know. Related to the other dead guy, I guess?

Detective Armstrong: What line of work were your father and brother in?

Joel Fisher: I don't know. I told Mom I didn't want to hear anything about it, and I never saw them here. I'm sorry. I guess I must seem uncooperative, but that's not my intent — honest. I honestly do not know what they were doing. I never wanted to talk to them again.

Detective Armstrong: What were you doing on February 19th, this past Friday?

Joel Fisher: Last Friday? Delia and Charlie went to the street party. I hate that kind of thing, but she loves it and Charlie wanted to go. I did some work at the Arts Council, and then just watched a movie. Pretty quiet.

Detective Armstrong: Was anyone else at the Arts Council?

Joel Fisher: Sure. For a while. A mailing — we were all stuffing envelopes. I stayed later than the rest though. I update the web site and had to get it done.

Detective Armstrong: Did you see your father or brother at any time that day?

Joel Fisher: No.

Detective Armstrong: What were they doing that day?

Joel Fisher: I don't know. No kidding, I haven't seen either of them in ten years or more.

Detective Murphy: Who do you think might have killed your father and Mr. Pruitt?

Joel Fisher: I can only imagine. My father was probably involved with all kinds of scum, but I don't know anyone specific.

Detective Murphy: Is there any way you could put us in touch with your brother, Ned?

Joel Fisher: I'm sorry. For your sake, I wish I knew how to find him, but I don't. I'm going to need to pick up Charlie at school — day ends at 2:00.

Detective Murphy: OK. We may need to speak with you again.

Detective Armstrong: For now, we'll take that number for your mother.

Interview ends – 1:30 p.m.

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Check the date and time records of the web site to verify if it was updated as he claims he did!


Check the date and time records of the web site to verify if it was updated as he claims he did!


Check the date and time records of the web site to verify if it was updated as he claims he did!


Check the date and time records of the web site to verify if it was updated as he claims he did!


Check the date and time records of the web site to verify if it was updated as he claims he did!

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