The Kudzu Kids talked to a couple of college students who showed them some tunnels under the campus

Zach was hanging out at the Union watching TV when he met a couple of college students, Dave and Franny, who knew where there was a tunnel under the Y Building.

They were pretty weird, but they said they had been in the tunnels, which were actually used for the university's heating system.

We convinced them to show us where the tunnels are.

So is this where you entered the tunnel?

Yeah, yeah, this was it all right. We were out partying one night and decided to check it out. But that was before they put all the locks on it.

What'd you see down there?

We saw some pizza boxes and some chicken wings, that kind of thing — and graffiti on the walls. And the— down there the pipes go all directions. They— like a steam tunnel, like a sewer, that kind of thing.

Did you follow any of the tunnels?

Well, yeah, I did, about a hundred feet or so. But they just— they just got narrower and narrower, and I couldn't— I couldn't fit any further.

Is there anything else y'all can tell us?

Well, there's not much to tell. Just don't show the tape to the cops. We could get busted for going down there.

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