The Kudzu Kids found General Shegog's journal in Mrs. Shegog's attic

We looked in a trunk in Mrs. Shegog's attic, and it was filled with things that belonged to her great-great grandfather, Nathaniel Wallace Shegog.

His uniform and a tattered Confederate flag were in there, along with some papers and other stuff.

Among his papers, we found a book that looks like the general's journal.

Below are some messages we found scrawled in the notebook amid battle plans and some boring letters to other generals.

Excerpt #1

Fire! Fire! Oh, Fie!

Draw their fire! Suck them tumbling and screaming into the dank, green earth, where the redness and blackness of death awaits them in a fire storm of bloody rebuke! Quench their savagery with a taste of bitter hell!

Lure them underground to steal their riches and spark them with a flare from the cannon's devilish grin. A shortcut to hell. I am no man's slave, but a servant to dastardly passions.

Biding in the bunker below my abode, I plot my takeover daily. One gets comfortable nestled in the dirty womb of the planet. I could curl up and die in a place like this.


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