Investigating Officer(s): Det. T. Armstrong, Det. S. Murphy
Incident No.: 002223-14G-2014
Case Description: Reagle Farm Road John Doe homicide investigation

Investigators created this map of the evidence recovered in and around the farmhouse at 175 Reagle Farm Road in east Yoknapatawpha County.


Click a blue evidence marker to view details of evidence found in that location

{imagemapster highlightcolor="#0000ff" diameter="10"} Farmhouse {area coords="465,394" imgsrc="/images/stories/hand/housepics-sm/shovel.jpg" title="shovel found in outbuilding" desc="002223-74"} {area coords="460,357" imgsrc="/images/stories/hand/housepics-sm/coleman-latern.jpg" title="Coleman lantern found in outbuilding" desc="002223-73"} {area coords="407,396" title="brown stain on kitchen countertop" desc="002223-T04"} {area coords="246,308" imgsrc="/images/stories/hand/housepics-sm/jack-daniels.jpg" title="Jack Daniels" desc="002223-66"} {area coords="248,387" title="20-count box, .45 ACP Federal 230gr Hydra-Shok JHP ammunition" desc="002223-67"} {area coords="232,403" imgsrc="/images/stories/hand/housepics-sm/shotgun-shells.jpg" title="shotgun shells" desc="002223-68"} {area coords="206,349" imgsrc="/images/stories/hand/housepics-sm/black-panties.jpg" title="panties" desc="002223-70"} {area coords="205,314" imgsrc="/images/stories/hand/housepics-sm/blue-button.jpg" title="blue plastic button" desc="002223-71"} {area coords="169,340" title="brown stain on living room floor" desc="002223-T03"} {area coords="152,375" imgsrc="/images/stories/hand/housepics-sm/old.lamp-180px.jpg" title="glass oil lantern" desc="002223-72"} {area coords="108,357" imgsrc="/images/stories/hand/housepics-sm/tshirt-blood.jpg" title="t-shirt" desc="002223-69"} {area coords="99,246" title="brown stain on interior door frame" desc="002223-T01"} {/imagemapster}

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  1. rosemommi79

hmm. brown stains could be blood. could the ammo match the gun that was found in the grave? Just one Jack daniels bottle. odd! Would like to see if the dirt from the shovel matches from the grave and if anything else could be on it...

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  1. amandamanzo


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  1. joymeames

I'm thinking possible rape. Foreign hair was found on the body and hair described like the victims hair was in the house. I also saw that the bullets in the body came from the gun registered to the victim right?

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