Monday, November 4, 2013 - 3:05 p.m.

Brenda Ledbetter

Brenda Ledbetter is the victim's mother. Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Office after she positively identified the body of her daughter. The interview was recorded with the witness's knowledge and consent.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Brenda Ledbetter

Detective Murphy: Thank you for speaking with us today, Ms. Ledbetter. We're very sorry for your loss. I know it's very difficult to lose a loved one. We just have a few questions for you.

Brenda Ledbetter: Thank you. I'll try to help if I can.

Detective Murphy: First off, for the record, please state your name and address.

Brenda Ledbetter: My name is Brenda Ledbetter, and I live at 17 Van Buren Avenue, here in Oxford.

Detective Murphy: Thank you. Now, can you tell me, when was the last time you saw your daughter?

Brenda Ledbetter: I saw her yesterday at home. I left to run some errands, and she was by the door, waiting for a ride to a job interview. I never thought that would be the last time I…

Detective Murphy: Ms. Ledbetter, do you need a minute to compose yourself?

Brenda Ledbetter: No, no. I'm fine. Go ahead.

Detective Murphy: OK. So Jasmine was waiting on a ride to a job interview. Who was going to give her a ride?

Brenda Ledbetter: It was a man named Scott, Scott Knapp. He was the one interviewing her for a job.

Detective Armstrong: What does this Scott Knapp do? What kind of job was Jasmine interviewing for?

Brenda Ledbetter: I really don't know. She didn't tell me. She just said he worked out of his home. I had planned to ask her again later.

Detective Murphy: So the last time you saw Jasmine was before you left to run errands?

Brenda Ledbetter: Yes, I didn't see her again after that.

Detective Murphy: And about what time was that?

Brenda Ledbetter: I'm not sure. I think it was around 6:00 when I left.

Detective Murphy: What time was her interview?

Brenda Ledbetter: 6:30?

Detective Armstrong: You weren't expecting her home later, after the interview?

Brenda Ledbetter: No, she said she was going to stay with a friend overnight. Her friend was going to pick her up from the interview, so she wasn't home that night. I should've told her to come home. This never would have happened.

Detective Armstrong: Can you tell us who the friend is that she was going to stay with?

Brenda Ledbetter: Her name is Megan McDowell. They've been best friends for a long time.

Detective Murphy: So, Ms. McDowell was going to pick Jasmine up from Scott Knapp's home office after the interview and take Jasmine to her house for the night?

Brenda Ledbetter: Yes, that's what she told me.

Detective Armstrong: Was Jasmine acting any different than usual? Did it seem like something was bothering her?

Brenda Ledbetter: No, she was acting OK. I think she may have had an argument with her boyfriend, but she didn't really let it get to her. She was a very strong person.

Detective Murphy: What is her boyfriend's name?

Brenda Ledbetter: Christopher Wooten. They've been dating for a while, but I really don't like him. I guess Jasmine did though.

Detective Armstrong: Why don't you like Mr. Wooten?

Brenda Ledbetter: I just don't think he was the right man for my daughter. She needs to have standards and find a man that will really take care of her and a family.

Detective Armstrong: And you don't think Christopher Wooten could do that?

Brenda Ledbetter: I doubt it.

Detective Murphy: Did she call you at any time after the interview? Maybe to tell you how it went or just to say good night?

Brenda Ledbetter: I honestly can't remember right now. She called me a lot, so it's hard for me to say right now. My head is just so foggy. I think I'm just still in shock from all of this. I'm sure she probably did. She was good about that kind of thing.

Detective Armstrong: Let's go back to Scott Knapp for a minute. Why was he going to pick Jasmine up for the interview? That sounds a little funny to me, an employer picking up a potential employee.

Brenda Ledbetter: Well, she's between cars right now, so he offered.

Detective Armstrong: You didn't think that was unusual?

Brenda Ledbetter: I did a little, but Jasmine said he was just a nice man and I shouldn't be so suspicious of everyone. She was so headstrong. She wouldn't listen to me.

Detective Murphy: OK. Do you and your daughter live alone?

Brenda Ledbetter: Yes, we do. Her father and I divorced a couple of years ago.

Detective Armstrong: Do you know when Jasmine last saw her father?

Brenda Ledbetter: No, I don't. Jasmine didn't go around him much since he's been remarried. His new wife, let's just say she doesn't like Jasmine much.

Detective Armstrong: Why not?

Brenda Ledbetter: She's just jealous. I don't know.

Detective Murphy: Do you know who would've wanted to do this to your daughter?

Brenda Ledbetter: No, my daughter was a sweet angel, and she was good to everyone. I can't imagine, even if someone disliked her, that they could do this to my baby. She was my angel. Please find who did this to her!

Detective Murphy: That's what we plan to do, Ms. Ledbetter. Can you think of anything else that may be pertinent to our investigation?

Brenda Ledbetter: No. I don't know. I can barely think straight right now.

Detective Armstrong: OK, thanks for talking to us today. Here's our card. If you think of anything at all, please call us.

Detective Murphy: We're very sorry for your loss, Ms. Ledbetter.

Brenda Ledbetter: Thank you. Please find who did this.

Detective Murphy: We'll do everything we can. We'll be in touch.

Brenda Ledbetter: Thank you.

End interview: 3:25 p.m.

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