Sunday, March 13, 2011 - 11:07 a.m.


Wesley Brooks is a 19-year-old, Caucasian male and the son of the victim. The interview was conducted at the Yoknapatawpha Sheriff's Department and was recorded on a portable audio tape recorder with witness's knowledge and consent.

  • Detective Ted Armstrong
  • Detective Samantha Murphy
  • Wesley Brooks

Detective Murphy: Good morning, Wesley. Please state your name and address for the record.

Wesley Brooks: Good morning, Detectives. My name is Wesley Brooks and I live at 439 Chandler Avenue, Oxford. Have you found my father's killer?

Detective Murphy: No, I'm sorry. We need to ask you a few more questions about the day your father was killed. You told us you were at the park that day walking in the woods. Didn't you tell us you went to the park because you suspected your father of having an affair with Christy Arnold? Said you wanted to catch him in the act with her but you didn't see him. Am I right?

Wesley Brook: Yes, that's what I told you.

Detective Murphy: So why exactly are you lying to us Wesley?

Wesley Brooks: I'm not lying! I didn't see my dad that day. I went there to see if he was with her again.

Detective Armstrong: What do you mean by again?! Are you saying you'd seen your father with Christy Arnold before?

Wesley Brooks: Yeah, I went to his office one day and I saw them come out and get into my Dad's car. They were all lovey-dovey. I saw Dad lean over and kiss her. They didn't see me so I got out of my car and walked up to where they were. I yelled at Dad and told him I was going to tell Mom that he was cheating on her with a whore. GOD I was sooo mad at him!! He tried to tell me I was wrong about what I saw and then they drove off like nothing ever happened. That's the reason I went to the park the day he was killed. I had to see if he was with her again. I ... I just had to.

Detective Armstrong: So what happened, Wesley? Did you find your dad, argue with him and then kill him in a fit of anger? Doesn't that sound about right?

Wesley Brooks: You're crazy! I did NOT kill my father. I hated what he was doing to my Mom but that's my dad! I loved him and I could never kill him.

Detective Armstrong: What type of car do you drive?

Wesley Brooks: I have a 2004 Dodge Dakota SLT. A blue one. Why are you asking about my car?

Detective Armstrong: We found a tire track at the murder scene and it’s being tested to see what type of vehicle it belongs to.

Wesley Brooks: Great. It won't match my car because I wasn't there. Do you think it could belong to my Dad’s killer?

Detective Armstrong: We won't know till we get the results back. We also found some footprints at the site. I saw by the inventory of the shoes we took from your room that you wear size 8 or 8 1/2. Now what if I told you the footprints we casted were a size 8 and perfectly match the footwear we took from your house? Got any explanation for that little coincidence?

Wesley Brooks: Look! So what if I was there that day? My god, look at me, I'm shaking. I just can't get the image of my Dad lying dead on that ground out of my head. I'll ... I'll tell you what you want to know! Just leave me alone.

Detective Murphy: Ok Wesley, let's get you a glass of water and then you can tell us everything you know.

Wesley Brooks: No thanks. Let's just get this over with.

Detective Armstrong: Wesley, do you or your parents own a gun? And did you follow your Dad that day with intentions of killing him if he was with Christy Arnold?

Wesley Brooks: I don't own a gun and I'm sure my parents don't have one. Like I told you before, I followed my Dad and parked my car at the Ranger Station. Then I walked through the woods and that's when I saw his car. I really thought I'd caught him with her. I was mad as hell and determined to tell him how I felt about his cheating. When I got up close I saw him lying there on the ground with a bullet hole in his head. I screamed out to him but he was dead. I panicked and was afraid to call the police. I walked back to my car and left. I don't know what I was thinking or why I didn't call the police, but the longer I waited the more afraid I was. Keeping this to myself has been a terrible nightmare. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner. I have no excuse. I loved my Dad. I didn't kill him! I didn’t kill him! I want to call my Mom. Do I need to get a lawyer?

Detective Armstrong: That's up to you if you think you need an attorney. You can use the phone out in the lobby. You can go, but you’ll need to stick around town son.

Interview ended: 11:59 a.m.

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