Nathan Mistillis was born on February 12, 1975, to Greg and Margaret Mistillis.

Nathan was preceded by Joseph by two years, and followed by Mary when Nathan turned one.

Greg sold and continues to sell insurance as an independent broker.

Margaret stayed home with Joseph, but returned to work as a bank teller after Nathan was old enough to enter daycare.

Once Mary arrived, the children were watched by a neighbor who had four children of her own.

Nathan played high school basketball and trumpet in the school band. He graduated in the top quarter of his class and is remembered as scattered.

In the six years he attended Ole Miss, he changed majors three times, finally graduating with a degree in history. He then received his teaching certificate and taught sixth-grade history for four years before switching to real estate.

While teaching, he started a relationship with Tracy Lu, a teacher from the math department. Two years after Nathan changed jobs, Tracy left teaching to open a second-hand store. She moved in with Nathan six months later, and the two continue to live together.

Nathan is currently employed at Pearce Brokers.

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