Donna Lynn Sowa was born March 24, 1988, to Malcolm and Mary Jo Sowa in Oxford, Mississippi.

Malcolm was an independent insurance salesman and traveled quite often on business. Donna was a registered nurse at Oxford’s Baptist Memorial Hospital. After Donna’s birth, Mary Jo gave up nursing for a few years to be with her daughter.

From the beginning, Donna was her mother’s little princess. She was a beautiful baby, and Mary Jo loved to dress her up in cute little outfits to show her off.

Mary Jo was a fanatic when it came to cleanliness. She constantly cleaned, and everything had to be in its place. Donna wasn’t allowed to play outside with the neighborhood kids because Mary Jo didn’t want her to get dirty.

Malcolm disapproved, but he let Mary Jo make the decisions about their daughter. Occasionally, she did allow Donna to go to a friend’s house and play inside.

In June 1992, Mary Jo gave birth to a son, Mark Allan. Donna was four years old at this time and not too thrilled to have a baby brother. She was jealous of the attention he got from her parents.

Mary Jo soon discovered that having a son was more of a challenge. She and Donna constantly cleaned up after him. Mark was a typical boy. He was more active than Donna and insisted on going outside to play.

Malcolm put his foot down and told Mary Jo that kids need to get dirty it was part of growing up. Mary Jo relented and allowed Mark and Donna to play outside with their friends.

Donna didn’t like the games the kids played because she didn’t like getting dirty. By the time she was in her teens, she was compulsive about cleanliness. Her brother drove her crazy by being so messy.

Donna was a beautiful girl and an excellent student. She was loving, caring and fun to be around. Her friends could depend on her to be there when they needed her, and in turn, they loved and supported her despite her compulsive behavior.

She was determined to present herself as a confident woman who knows what she wants out of life, but underneath, she wasn’t so confident. She worried constantly about how others felt about her. Despite all this, Donna graduated high school with honors.

After high school, Donna decided she wanted to be a real estate agent. She checked into schools for realtors and decided to go to Mississippi Realtor Institute. After she got her state license, she applied to several agencies for employment, and she landed at Pearce Brokers.

While visiting a friend in the hospital, she met her friend’s respiratory therapist, Alex Moorehead. There was an instant attraction. She saw him several times over the week her friend was ill.

On the day her friend was released from the hospital, Donna was there to drive her home. On the way out of the hospital, she ran into Alex in the hallway, and he asked her out. Of course, she gladly accepted. They have a great relationship, and she hopes to be his wife one day.

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