Jeremy GladwellJeremy Gladwell was born May 3, 1978, to Candace and Tim Gladwell in New York, New York. He was born two months premature and there were many close calls before he was finally released from pediatric intensive care at the age of two months, weighing only five pounds.

Candace had three miscarriages after Jeremy's birth and, after that, never tried to have any further children. Consequently, Jeremy became her world, and she was determined to protect him from all of the bad things in the world. This went to such a point that her husband literally ceased to exist to her after a while. They divorced when Jeremy was five years old. Tim disappeared from Jeremy's life and only resurfaced again when Jeremy was a sophomore in college. The one and only meeting they had yielded few useful results. Tim Gladwell was shocked when learned that his only son was gay, and he didn't react well. Their conversation was awkward, cold, and short.

Jeremy was small and frail for much of his young life and never had an interest in sports or shop or any of the other activities that most boys relish. He preferred instead to read and write poetry. He won several city spelling bee competitions and was generally considered a nerd by his classmates in school. He graduated high school with a 4.0 grade average and was accepted to Stanford University in 1996.

In 2008, he moved to Oxford, Mississippi on a lark. He reasoned if Faulkner could do it, so could he. Though his dreams of becoming a great American author were never quite realized, he came to love the slower pace of the small Southern town and considered it home almost immediately. Though he encountered occasional prejudice and bias, he also formed close friendships in Oxford. Among these friends were Kimberly Pace, her sister Becky, and Cheryl Weston.

Shortly after he arrived in Oxford, Jeremy found a stray Labrador Retriever that he became attached to. He found he could not keep pets in his apartment and so set about trying to find it a home. Through this effort, he became involved in the local Lab Rescue service and has been involved with them ever since. He took became so enamored of the breed that he learned everything he could about them and became quite an expert and trainer. He also developed a relationship with the local Seeing Eye Dogs of America chapter and has helped in their adoption department to place dogs in good homes. In special cases, he has helped friends and colleagues to find pets and train them.

Jeremy works as a freelance non-fiction writer and technical writer and has developed a good business for himself. Currently, he is not seeing anyone special, but is always on the look out for that special person he will eventually spend his life with. He is a hopeless romantic and has no compunction about admitting it.

In his free time, he often goes on antique hunts and will occasionally refinish a piece either for himself or a friend. He has also used his ability to decorate to do some interior design on the side.

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