Rick CrawfordRichard Crawford was born on July 20, 1987, to Dana and Robin Crawford, a couple then in their late 40s.

Dana Crawford was crippled on a job site when Rick was two, and the family lived on his disability insurance until a house fire killed Richard's parents when he was 12. Rick then went to stay with an elderly aunt, Gretchen Moss.

Rick did well in high school but stayed mostly to himself. He did not take part in any extracurricular activities: sports, music, or clubs. The teachers who could remember him described him as well-behaved but otherwise unremarkable.

After graduation, he accepted a position at Garrett Insurance working as personal assistant to Ambrose Garrett. When Rick is not at the office, he is usually at the nursing home where his Aunt Gretchen now lives.

The nursing home staff there characterized Rick as quiet and helpful. His neighbors describe him the same way. He appears to have a very limited social life.

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