I'm Tom Arriola, the site Mastermind, and I've been asked to tell you about what went into the making of these photos. This week, we'll be posting photos daily with behind-the-scenes commentary.

Just like in the Dexter TV show, Crime Scene has a well-stocked kit for staging murders. Two of the wounds were made from molded latex and adhered to the victim with spirit gum and more latex. The other wounds were created with morticians wax.

On his wrist, we built up an area with wax and then sliced it with a knife. Then, before applying blood, we used a bruise wheel, which is a color wheel of makeup colors – yellows, greens, browns – that are the color palette of an injury.

Even though the wounds would not be fully visible in the photos, we staged them thoroughly as a point of pride and realism.

See behind-the-scenes photos of Jared Plunk's injuries being staged. Warning: Photos are graphic.
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