Friday, October 31, 2014 - 6:06 p.m.

Like Kelly, Nicolette moved to small town Oxford from a big city.

Nicolette Cuthbert is another of the women in Kelly Moran's circle of friends. Detectives Armstrong and Murphy spoke with her at her residence. The interview was recorded with the witness's knowledge and consent.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Nicolette Cuthbert

Nicolette Cuthbert: You would like tea?

Detective Armstrong: Yes, please.

Detective Murphy: Yes, thank you, ma'am.

Nicolette Cuthbert: This time of day. Kelly and I, we always have tea. The last time I see her, we have tea.

Detective Armstrong: When was that?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Three days ago. Tuesday. Something happens, something terrible, you cannot tell what to do. So you do the same thing as before. You understand?

Detective Armstrong: Yes, ma'am.

Nicolette Cuthbert: The same thing. But, of course, is not the same. Here is sugar and milk. I have no lemon, I am sorry. Kelly never…

Detective Armstrong: That's all right, ma'am.

Detective Murphy: We're sorry to bother you. We just have some questions. Just a few minutes.

Nicolette Cuthbert: Yes. Certainement. I am sorry.

Detective Murphy: Thank you. Just for the record, would you state your name?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Nicolette Cuthbert.

Detective Murphy: That's with two L's and two T's?

Nicolette Cuthbert: One L and two T's.

Detective Murphy: And where do you live, ma'am?

Nicolette Cuthbert: I live here. 106 Ole Miss Drive.

Detective Murphy: How did you know the murdered woman?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Please do not call her that.

Detective Armstrong: Mrs. Moran. How did you know Mrs. Moran?

Nicolette Cuthbert: We are friends. She is from someplace else. I am from someplace else. Here, we find each other. We find we are alike, des soeurs.

Detective Armstrong: Like sisters?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Yes, like sisters.

Detective Armstrong: How did she strike you on Tuesday? Did she seem happy or worried?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Oh. Myself, I come here from New York City. Everything is so alive there. Here it is quiet, like peace, like a cup of tea. I like it. But I think Kelly did not like it. Everything is too small. She was agité, someone who cannot be still.

Detective Murphy: Restless?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Yes, restless. Always she wants more. Sometimes I think she has found what she is looking for. She is at her ease.

Detective Armstrong: Like nothing's bothering her?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Yes, I think so. But then she is encore agité—not happy. I feel bad for her.

Detective Murphy: Is it possible she might have been having trouble with some other person?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Possible, I suppose.

Detective Murphy: Perhaps her husband?

Nicolette Cuthbert: No, not Russell. She loves him very much, and he loves her.

Detective Murphy: Did you ever hear Mrs. Moran speak about Mrs. West, for example?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Karen West? Yes, Kelly does not like how she looks. She says Karen has a mouth that is large. Myself, I do not think so. I think she is jolie.

Detective Murphy: Did she say any more?

Nicolette Cuthbert: She said Karen must put money in her mouth. This I do not understand at all.

Detective Murphy: Do you know why she said that?

Nicolette Cuthbert: I do not know, but I think it is about money. It is always about the money, non?

Detective Murphy: Have you ever spoken with any of Mrs. Moran's other friends?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Of course. We are all friends. Kelly, Karen, Trish, Lorraine. We were going to travel to Charleston together, but this will not happen now, I think.

Detective Murphy: Did Mrs. Moran have any disagreements with any of them that you know of?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Everyone has disagreements. It is human nature, n'est-ce pas?

Detective Murphy: Any serious disagreements?

Nicolette Cuthbert: It was a burglar who did this terrible thing, was it not? Why should any petite squabble interest you?

Detective Murphy: We have to consider all the possibilities.

Nicolette Cuthbert: This is not a possibility. You must find the voleur.

Detective Armstrong: Can you tell us where you were last night?

Nicolette Cuthbert: I was here. I listened to Debussy. I drank tea. My daughter, Julia, telephoned me from Bruges.

Detective Armstrong: Was your husband home with you?

Nicolette Cuthbert: My husband is a doctor.

Detective Armstrong: Yes…

Nicolette Cuthbert: He has many patients who need him.

Detective Armstrong: So he wasn't home with you?

Nicolette Cuthbert: He arrived while I spoke to our daughter, perhaps 8:00 p.m.

Detective Armstrong: That was pretty late in Bruges, wasn't it?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Perhaps it was earlier.

Detective Murphy: Is there anything else you can think of that might be helpful, ma'am?

Nicolette Cuthbert: I remember. She did say something once about Lorraine—I think it is very strange.

Detective Armstrong: What was that?

Nicolette Cuthbert: She says Lorraine want to sing to an osprey.

Detective Armstrong: A what?

Nicolette Cuthbert: Une grande osprey. This is a bird, yes? They eat the fish?

Detective Armstrong: Grand osprey?

Detective Murphy: Could she have said "opry"?

Nicolette Cuthbert: What is opry?

Detective Murphy: Well, opera, really.

Nicolette Cuthbert: Lorraine wants to sing the grand opera?

Detective Murphy: The Grand Ole Opry. It's a radio show, country music.

Nicolette Cuthbert: Vraiment? How curious.

Detective Murphy: Yes, ma'am.

Detective Armstrong: I don't think we need to trouble you any further right now. Thank you for talking to us and for the tea We'll be in touch.

End interview - 6:39 p.m.

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