Friday, February 10, 2012 - 3:32 p.m.

Amber Dunn, personal trainerAmber Dunn is a friend and co-worker of Dawn Thurman, the victim's mistress. Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed Ms. Dunn at the Oxford Health Club. The interview was recorded on a portable tape recorder with the witness's knowledge and consent.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Amber Dunn

Detective Murphy: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us.

Amber Dunn: Sure. What can I do for you?

Detective Murphy: You've heard about Philip Fontaine being killed?

Amber Dunn: Yeah. So terrible.

Detective Murphy: Did you know Mr. Fontaine?

Amber Dunn: No. I didn't know anyone in the family. I mean, the only thing I know is Dawn's his personal trainer.

Detective Murphy: Dawn?

Amber Dunn: Yeah, Dawn Thurman. She's my best friend.

Detective Murphy: How often would you say Ms. Thurman had appointments with Mr. Fontaine?

Amber Dunn: Once a week, I think. We can do sessions here or at home, and he almost always wanted a home visit. You'd have to ask her though.

Detective Murphy: What did she tell you about him?

Amber Dunn: Um, nothing much.

Detective Armstrong: Are you sure about that?

Amber Dunn: Well, gosh. I'm not sure I should be talking about this.

Detective Armstrong: It's OK. We know Ms. Thurman and Mr. Fontaine were romantically involved.

Amber Dunn: Oh. Gosh.

Detective Murphy: Did Dawn ever talk about him?

Amber Dunn: Will she find out I talked to you?

Detective Murphy: It's OK. What did she say about their relationship?

Amber Dunn: Gosh. This is like snitching or something. I feel totally uncomfortable.

Detective Murphy: Just take your time.

Amber Dunn: Well, she was seeing him for a while. Maybe a year. She was hoping he would get a divorce, so they didn't have to sneak around. So, I guess she enjoyed being with him. She said he treated her right. A real gentleman, you know? Her boyfriend before, he was a real jerk, so I can understand how that would be important to her. I didn't necessarily approve. I don't believe in breaking up a marriage. But she's my best friend, so what could I do? I tried to be there for her.

Detective Murphy: So would you say she was in love with him?

Amber Dunn: I don't know. I mean, I think she liked being treated with respect, like an equal. She said he appreciated her personality and it wasn't just about sex.

Detective Armstrong: Was it about money?

Amber Dunn: No. I don't think so. Dawn likes nice things. But no, she wouldn't do that. She wouldn't go with someone just because he has money. I think she liked being treated nice is all.

Detective Armstrong: Did she ever talk about them having arguments?

Amber Dunn: No. They seemed to get along fine. She just ‒ well, you know. She wanted to get married. And I guess he wasn't ready to take that step.

Detective Armstrong: Dawn was frustrated about that?

Amber Dunn: Yeah. She talked about it. She said she was the happiest girl on earth but she couldn't tell anyone about it, and that made it hard.

Detective Murphy: Do you know whether Ms. Thurman saw Mr. Fontaine the day he died?

Amber Dunn: I don't remember exactly. That was like a month ago?

Detective Armstrong: January 13th.

Amber Dunn: Oh. OK. Yeah, I remember now because the gym was really busy. Everyone working out extra after the holidays. It was really busy, and Mr. Fontaine came in without his membership card, so I had to sign him in and there was a line. That was in the morning.

Detective Murphy: And he worked out with Ms. Thurman?

Amber Dunn: Yeah. I think so. She said he likes circuit training. He's pretty strong.

Detective Murphy: They were always out in the main gym area?

Amber Dunn: Yeah. They just did a regular workout. An hour, an hour and a half.

Detective Murphy: Did Ms. Thurman mention anything about it afterwards? Did anything unusual happen?

Amber Dunn: No. I don't remember anything. Oh, wait. I guess she said something about him working on a big business deal and he was distracted. That was about it though.

Detective Armstrong: Did she seem distressed or angry?

Amber Dunn: No, not at all. I think you've got the wrong idea. Dawn would never hurt a fly. You know?

Detective Armstrong: Did she mention when she was going to see him again?

Amber Dunn: I think they were supposed to have a date. That's what she said when she found about he'd been... you know. She was real upset. Saying they were supposed to go for a nice dinner but instead the last time she saw him was here and how horrible it was.

Detective Murphy: Do you know where Ms. Thurman was the night of the 13th?

Amber Dunn: No. I mean, we left work around 6:00 and after that I don't know. She called me first thing after she heard about Mr. Fontaine the next day, and I went over to her apartment. That was Saturday evening.

Detective Murphy: Ms. Dunn, did Ms. Thurman have any enemies who might have wanted to hurt her?

Amber Dunn: Gosh, no. Who would want to hurt an aerobics instructor?

Detective Armstrong: What about Mr. Fontaine? Did she mention anyone threatening him or do you know of anyone who might have wanted to harm him?

Amber Dunn: No, not at all. Like I said, I only know of him through Dawn. That's all.

Detective Armstrong: Is there anything else you think we need to know?

Amber Dunn: No. I'm sorry.

Detective Armstrong: All right. Well, if you think of anything, just give us a call.

Amber Dunn: OK. Um, can I go now? Step and Sculpt starts in 15 minutes.

Detective Armstrong: Sure.

Interview ends: 3:46 p.m.

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