Private investigator and former YCSD detective David Anderson was a friend of Monica Drum's and volunteered to help track down the former Eagle employees who have moved out of Oxford. After talking with one of those former employees, David Ledford, PI Anderson spoke to Ledford's wife, Doreen. PI Anderson emailed Det. Armstrong to let him know what he found out.

To: Detective Armstrong [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
From: David Anderson [OxfordPI@[redacted].com]
Date: December 17, 2012 4:14 PM
Subject: David Ledford's wife


Ted -

This morning after I got back from Ledford's "camp site," I headed over to his address in New Sarpy to see if I couldn't get a word with his wife, Doreen. I didn't let her know I'd talked to him. You know the drill. I typed up our conversation below. I'll add my comments after.


PI Anderson: Hi. How you doing? Mrs. Ledford?

Doreen Ledford: Who are you?

PI Anderson: Are you Doreen Ledford?

Doreen Ledford: What if I am?

PI Anderson: Then I want to talk to you.

Doreen Ledford: Why?

PI Anderson: OK. I'm just gonna assume that you are Doreen Ledford. My name is David Anderson. I'm a private investigator from Oxford, Mississippi.

Doreen Ledford: A P. I.? Like Magnum?

PI Anderson: Uh, yeah. Just like Magnum.

Doreen Ledford: Well, what do you want with me?

PI Anderson: Actually, I wanted to talk about your husband, David.

Doreen Ledford: Well, he ain't here.

PI Anderson: Where is he?

Doreen Ledford: He said he was going fishing.

PI Anderson: When will he be back?

Doreen Ledford: He said he'd be back Sunday afternoon.

PI Anderson: Next Sunday?

Doreen Ledford: No, yesterday.

PI Anderson: So, he was supposed to be back two days ago, but he hasn't showed up yet?

Doreen Ledford: Yep.

PI Anderson: Does he do that a lot?


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