canvass-homesAfter finding indications that someone may have been surveilling the Smith/O'Connor residence, the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff’s Department re-canvassed Veronica Smith’s neighbors to determine if anyone saw or heard anything unusual or noteworthy in the area during the weeks before Dr. Smith's death. The interviews summarized are some of the most typical or relevant to the investigation and are representative of all interviews conducted.

Name: Bradley Crawford
Address: 145 Colonial Road, Oxford, MS

Mr. Crawford, age 46, lives directly across the street from the Smith/O’Connor residence. "I heard about her tires being slashed. Terrible times we live in." Crawford doesn't remember seeing anyone lurking near the Smith/O'Connor property. "I would have called you people immediately."


Name: Andrea Butler
Address: 136 Colonial Road, Oxford, MS

Mrs. Butler, age 32, lives in the residence immediately west of the Smith/O’Connor residence. Approximately 50 feet separate the houses. "Now that you mention it, I have seen someone hanging around the neighborhood. At least I think I did, but I was never sure because it was always a different car that didn't belong parked on our street. And maybe the drivers were visiting people, but I never saw them getting in or out of their cars."

When asked whether she thought she saw different drivers or the same one repeatedly, Butler answered, "I suppose it might have been the same driver. They were always nondescript, middle-aged white males. But who owns that many cars?"

When asked how often she saw these cars, Butler said she didn't see them every day but thought it might have been a few times a week. She couldn't be sure either if she saw them every week or how long it had been going on. Butler could not recall the last time she saw an unfamiliar car but thought it might have been sometime during the week before Smith's death. Butler added that she did not remember seeing any such cars since Smith's death, but again said she wasn't sure.


Name: Lee Duncan
Address: 148 Colonial Road, Oxford, MS

Mr. Duncan, age 55, lives in the residence immediately east of the Smith/O’Connor residence. Approximately 40 feet separate the houses. "I never saw anyone who looked out of place. There is one strange thing, however, I didn't mention the last time we talked. You remember how I told you that Dr. Smith's garage door opened interfered with my ham radio equipment? The night she died, it happened a lot, seemed like half a dozen times. I figure once was her leaving, and once was her coming home, but what were all the others?"




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