YCSD investigators interviewed Michael O'Connor's acquaintances and coworkers to learn more about Dr. O'Connor. The interviews summarized are some of the most typical or relevant to the investigation and are representative of all interviews conducted.

Name: Kristy Wills
Address: 501 Donna Cove, Oxford, MS

Ms. Wills, age 24, works at Baptist Memorial Hospital. Wills said she spoke to Dr. O'Connor at approximately 7:47 p.m. on May 11th regarding the care of one of his patients. "Dr. O'Connor seemed perfectly normal. There was nothing about him that struck me as out of the ordinary."


Name: Manuel Ortega
Address: 906 Cedarbrook, Oxford, MS

Mr. Ortega, age 37, works as a security guard at Baptist Memorial Hospital. Ortega said he saw Dr. O'Connor leave the hospital parking lot at 8:03 pm. "We've been told to keep track of the coming and going of hospital-affiliated personnel because some people have been accused of leaving the grounds during their work hours. I tell my boss that anybody can just walk out of the building without taking their car from the lot, or could call a taxi, or could get picked up by a friend, and the log book wouldn't mean anything. He doesn't care. He says to write down whenever any personnel enter or exit the lot."


Name: Jill Spenser
Address: 1478 Short Avenue, Oxford, MS

Mrs. Spenser, age 58, lives across the street from Dr. Michael O'Connor. She said she was working in her garden when Dr. O'Connor arrived at his residence and parked his car in the garage. "It certainly couldn't have been as late as nine because that's when I watch my show, but the sun had set. I was neatening up the weeds I'd picked by the outdoor light. I remember it was that day because he had some trouble with his garage door. I saw him Saturday, and he said the batteries had died."


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