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Analysis: Chemical Analysis; Toxicologic Analysis

Case #: 003709-22K-2013

Case Description: Diane Coates Homicide Investigation

Investigative Agency: Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department

Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy, Det. T. Armstrong


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Summary of Preliminary Evidence Analysis

Standard chemical screening was performed on all evidence. With the possibility of Coumadin as contributing factor in the cause of death, more extensive tests were performed.

Detection and quantitation was carried out using high performance liquid chromatography mass spectrometry with a diode array detector (HPLC-MS/DAD) in addition to infrared spectrometry (IR). Suspect samples were washed or macerated with methanol and the resulting extract allowed to dry. The residue was re-dissolved in 10% aqueous methanol and injected onto the HPLC. Liquid samples were subjected to organic and solid phase (C18) extraction and the resulting evaporated residue re-dissolved in 10% aq. MeOH prior to HPLC analysis.

Pharmaceutical grade Coumadin was obtained as a reference standard.


Evidence Item

General Chemical Screening

Coumadin Analysis

Collected at Autopsy
stomach contents - 6cc red liquid[1] Negative Positive (16ug/mg)
  [1] Preliminary analysis of stomach contents found the presence of ethyl alcohol in the red liquid. Further analysis to identify the red liquid and/or its components is pending.
Collected from the Landon Talley Residence
003709-11: One (1) Walgreens® aspirin, 50 count, unopened Negative Negative
003709-12: One (1) Walgreens® aspirin, 50 count, 36 remaining Negative Negative
003709-13: One (1) prescription medication bottle, 4 tablets remaining Negative Negative
003709-15: One (1) prescription medication bottle, containing 2 white tablets[2] Negative Negative
  [2] Preliminary analysis of tablets indicate they are consistent with aspirin.
003709-16: One (1) 750 ml Roses® grenadine, ~3/4 remaining Negative Negative
003709-17: One (1) 750 ml bottle Grey Goose® vodka, ~1/3 remaining Negative Negative
003709-18: One (1) 750 ml bottle Tanqueray No. 10® gin, ~1/2 remaining Negative Negative
003709-19: One (1) 750 ml Jacques Prieur Clos de Vougeot® merlot, ~1/2 remaining Negative Negative
003709-20: One (1) 64 oz bottle Northland® cranberry juice, ~1/4 remaining Negative Negative
003709-21: One (1) box cutter razor Negative Positive (132ug)
003709-22: One (1) Goody's® headache powder packet, empty Negative Negative
Collected from the Rupert Coates Residence
003709-23: One (1) Walgreens® aspirin, 50 count, 42 remaining Negative Negative
003709-24: One (1) Goody's® headache powder packet, unopened Negative Negative
003709-25: One (1) prescription medication bottle, empty Negative Trace (8.3ng)
003709-26: One (1) stone mortar Negative Positive (33ug)
003709-27: One (1) stone pestle Negative Positive (81ug)
003709-28: One (1) 750 ml bottle Gruppo® Campari, opened, ~1/4 remaining Negative Positive (133ug/ml)
003709-29: One (1) 750 ml bottle Absolut® Vodka, opened, ~1/2 remaining Negative Negative
003709-30: One (1) 750 ml bottle Turning Leaf® Merlot, opened, ~2/3 remaining Negative Negative
003709-32: One (1) prescription medication bottle, empty Negative Trace (10.2ng)
003709-33: One (1) box cutter razor with white residue Negative Positive (132ug)
003709-34: One (1) Goody's® headache powder packet, empty Negative Negative



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