Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy. Det. T. Armstrong
Incident No.: 003652-05K-2017
Case Description: Kimberly Pace death investigation

Investigators have put together the following timeline of events for the time period surrounding the murder of Kimberly Pace and the discovery of her body, based on witness statements and other case documents.

The time of death is believed to be sometime between ~9:40 p.m. on Saturday, November 4, 2017, and ~12:00 a.m. on Sunday, November 5, 2017, based witness statements of when Kimberly Pace was last seen alive and the coroner's findings during autopsy.

Note: Times listed are based on witness statements, and there may be some apparent discrepancies. These can likely be attributed to differences in various witnesses' perceptions, or they could be the result of inaccurate — intentional or otherwise — statements from the witness(es).



Witness / Source

Saturday, November 4, 2017
~7:30 p.m. Kimberly Pace meets her sister, Becky Pace, at C'est Belle Gallery. Becky Pace (sister of K. Pace)
~9:30 p.m. Kimberly Pace leaves the gallery at the same time as Becky Pace. Becky Pace (sister of K. Pace)
~9:30 p.m. Kimberly Pace arrives home. Serena Falk (neighbor of K. Pace)
~9:35 p.m. Kimberly Pace pulls her car into her driveway and goes inside her house. Linda Alden (neighbor of K. Pace)
~9:40 p.m. Kimberly Pace talks to Serena Falk at K. Pace's front door. Serena Falk (neighbor of K. Pace
~10:00 p.m. George Kim sees Kimberly Pace's car parked in her driveway George Kim (neighbor of K. Pace)
~11:00 p.m. Linda Alden hears a loud motorcycle engine; sees a man sitting in front of Kimberly Pace's residence; later tentatively identifies the man as Paul Evans. Linda Alden (neighbor of K. Pace)
~11:10 p.m. Paul Evans sees what he later tentatively identifies as the kitchen light on inside Kimberly Pace's house and possibly another light on behind the house. Paul Evans (estranged boyfriend of K. Pace)
Sunday, November 5, 2017
~12:30 a.m. Teddy Bates notices lights on at Kimberly Pace's residence. Teddy Bates (neighbor of K. Pace)
~7:00 a.m. Gina Taylor sees Kimberly Pace's morning paper still on her porch and K. Pace's car in her driveway. Taylor knocks on K. Pace's door but gets no answer. Gina Taylor (neighbor of K. Pace)
~11:00 a.m. Jacob Hunter sees two ladies and a man get out of their car and go up to Kimberly Pace's door. Jacob Hunter (boy on bicycle)
~11:00 a.m. Linda Alden sees Kimberly Pace's sister and two friends arrive at K. Pace's home and let themselves in. Linda Alden (neighbor of K. Pace)
~11:05 a.m. Jacob Hunter sees the same three people come out of Kimberly Pace's house and stand around crying. Jacob Hunter (boy on bicycle)
11:06 a.m. Yoknapatawpha County Emergency Services receives a 911 call from Kimberly Pace's residence. Incident Report, Kimberly Pace's phone records
11:13 a.m. R/O Willits arrives at the scene. Incident Report
11:18 a.m. R/O Harding arrives at the scene. Incident Report
11:24 a.m. Animal Control arrives at the scene Incident Report
11:27 a.m. R/Is Armstrong and Murphy arrive at the scene. Incident Report


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And take her fingerprints*** There's a good chance that she had been in Kim's house if they are friendly enough to share books.

  josie leeves
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Interview the neighbor Serena Falk again. She was the last person to see Kim alive other than the killer. She also got the timing wrong by saying that she saw Kim pull into her drive at 9:30 pm but how could she when Kim left the gallery at 9:30 pm?

  josie leeves
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