Angela Wilder is an arts patron and has supported and promoted Paul Evans as an artist for the last several years

Angela Wilder interview

Saturday, November 11, 2017 – 3:00 p.m.

Angela Wilder is the patron who helped Paul Evans with his art career.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Angela Wilder

Detective Murphy: Would you please state your name and address for the record?

Angela Wilder: My name is Angela Wilder, and I live at 2607 Sterling Avenue.

Detective Murphy: As we told you when we asked you to come in, this is in connection with our investigation of Kimberly Pace's death.

Angela Wilder: Yes, I understand, but I don't know how I can help you. I really didn't know her very well.

Detective Murphy: But you do know her friend Paul Evans, we understand?

Angela Wilder: Yes, I do.

Detective Murphy: Can you tell us how long you've known him, and how you met?

Angela Wilder: Well, let's see. I met him in 2014… no, it was 2013, I think, at a County Arts and Crafts fair. He had a booth with several other woodturners, and I was taken with the excellence of his work.

Detective Armstrong: You don't seem too sure of the year. Could you pin it down for us?

Angela Wilder: I'll try. Hmm… I talked to him at an arts and crafts fair, and it had to have been… 2013. I told him to continue working, and when he had enough pieces, I'd help him rent a booth to show just his own work exclusively. He worked real hard, but he had a job besides his art, so it took him a year. We kept in touch, and in 2014 I rented a booth for him to show his work again at the County Arts and Crafts fair.

Detective Armstrong: That was nice of you. Do you do that for every artisan you meet?

Angela Wilder: Of course not.

Detective Murphy: Why did you do it for Mr. Evans?

Angela Wilder: Detective, I've been around the art world a long time. I am an oil painter. I just paint for fun. I don't need to support myself from my art, and I'm not sure I'm talented enough anyway. I've been fortunate in other areas of my life though, and I have a good eye, so I like to help out young, promising artists. Just call it a hobby, if you want. These kids can use all the help they can get to be recognized.

Detective Armstrong: I see. What do you expect in return?

Angela Wilder: You really shouldn't be so cynical, Detective. Haven't you ever done anything for someone just for the joy of making them happy and successful? Making it in the art world is tough enough, and for someone like Paul who has real talent, I don't mind going out of my way a bit. My reward would be in seeing him make it.

Detective Murphy: Did you introduce him to Lila Lawson at C'est Belle Gallery?

Angela Wilder: I sure did! I suggested she go to see his work at the 2015 Fair so she could see for herself. Lila and I have worked together to promote other young artisans, and she respects my judgment. If the work sells, she gets a commission on things shown in her gallery so it could be profitable for her. I understand Paul's work sold quite well at his recent show at C'est Belle.

Detective Armstrong: Have you known Ms. Lawson long?

Angela Wilder: For many years, Detective. With our mutual interest in art and the size of our town, our paths cross often.

Detective Murphy: How would you characterize the relationship between Ms. Lawson and Paul Evans?

Angela Wilder: I would characterize it as a professional, business relationship. What are you implying — a romantic relationship? That would be laughable… and insulting to Ms. Lawson's integrity as a female business owner. Really, Detective Murphy, I wouldn't expect such a sexist attitude from you of all people.

Detective Armstrong: You said earlier you hardly knew Dr. Pace, but I take it you did know her?

Angela Wilder: Yes, I'd met her and seen her on occasion with Paul.

Detective Murphy: Do you remember how and when you met her?

Angela Wilder: No, I really don't. It was probably at one of the County Arts and Crafts Fairs when Paul was showing his work. Then, of course, I saw her at his opening at Lila's gallery last weekend. That was the night she was killed, wasn't it? Surely you don't suspect Paul had something to do with her death!

Detective Murphy: How would you characterize Paul and Kimberly's relationship, Ms. Wilder?

Angela Wilder: Well, every time I saw them together, they seemed to get along really well. They'd been together for several years, I understand.

Detective Armstrong: Did you observe them the night of the opening?

Angela Wilder: I saw them together briefly. Paul was in demand that evening, so he didn't have much more time to spend with any of us except to say hello and goodbye.

Detective Murphy: Could you tell if they seemed friendly or cool toward each other?

Angela Wilder: In the brief moment I saw them together, I really couldn't tell. She went up and gave him a hug, Paul smiled, they spoke a few words, and that was it. I certainly didn't stand there and spy on them all evening.

Detective Murphy: And how did Ms. Lawson and Paul interact that evening?

Angela Wilder: Again, I didn't stand around and spy on them. Each was busy talking to individual potential clients. They seemed congenial as always, nothing unusual.

Detective Armstrong: Did you see Dr. Pace leave that evening?

Angela Wilder: No, I certainly didn't. In fact, I think I've told you everything I possibly know about Dr. Pace, Paul, and Lila Lawson. Are we about through here? I have business to attend to.

Detective Murphy: Thank you for coming in, Ms. Wilder. If you think of anything pertinent to our investigation, we'd appreciate a phone call.

Angela Wilder: Of course. Good day.

Interview ended – 3:14 p.m.


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