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Rebecca Pace was born to Valerie and Robert Pace on March 11, 1988. She was the second of their two children and always looked up to her big sister, Kimberly.

Though Becky was a bright and quick-witted child, she never liked school and made no real effort to excel academically. She preferred to create things – anything – from drawings to carvings to lopsided ashtrays. 

Valerie called Becky her "little artiste," imagining her daughter would become a famous painter or sculptor one day. Valerie spent more money than their budget would allow on art supplies for her youngest daughter, always using the excuse that one day when her famous sculptures sold, they would get the money back. They never did, as Becky just didn't have the ambition needed to compete in the art world.

Becky's father, Robert, said she was the most social human being on God's green earth and adored her. Even Kimberly cherished the bright penny known as Becky, their little ray of sunshine.

Becky always felt loved and never pressured to be a success, and so she followed her own path and ended up as the manager at the Little Rebels Crafts Store. She loves her work and gives free workshops on the weekends to underprivileged kids. She finds the work gratifying and stress-free.

The only real dark cloud she has to contend with is her love life. She has a talent for falling for men who are not good for her. None of her relationships have ever lasted more than six months save one – her first love, John David Park, who was an exceptionally talented, brooding painter. She loved him from the moment she met him in her sophomore year of high school.

He and Becky went together for two years and planned to marry. The night before senior prom, John David was found dead of a heroin overdose. Becky never believed he took the drugs of his own free will, but the police didn't find any evidence otherwise. The investigation into his death was closed as an accidental overdose, and despite Becky's many attempts to get the police to re-open the case, it remains closed.

Becky would like to have children someday, but she doesn't see herself marrying anytime soon, feeling that she isn't ready to settle down. She uses her creativity as an outlet – anything from drawing cartoons to landscaping.

She and Kimberly have always been close and considered one another friends as well as siblings. They have never had a serious falling out and often commiserate on their lousy taste in men, joking that it must be in the genes.

In 2015, Becky's mother, Valerie, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and presently resides at Graceland Care Center of Oxford. On alternate Sundays, Kimberly and Becky go together to visit their mom. Each of them also goes to see her individually during the week, whenever they can.

Becky brunches with her sister Kimberly and two friends, Cheryl Weston and Jeremy Gladwell, every other Sunday at various Oxford establishments, though they favor Big Bad Breakfast and Bacchus on the Square.

In her spare time, Becky volunteers with local charities, helping with various programs such as food drives, rummage sales, and Meals on Wheels for local seniors.



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