Rachel found out about some alarming voicemail messages about the other Kudzu Kids

I couldn't believe it when my dad played these messages for me after I told him about Zach's texts.

It sounds like Hunter, Zach and Mel really are trapped in the tunnels! And Mrs. Shegog was trying to warn us!

They both left messages on our home voicemail.

— Rachel


Rachel, this is your father. I just got two messages here that I don't understand. Now, listen carefully and call me back right away. I've called the police, but I need to know what else to do!


Oh, is there no one home? Gracious me. This is Mildred Shegog calling for Rachel and Hunter. Children, you mustn't go near those old tunnels. I'm sorry I let you play in the basement … uh, no. The attic, but … well, I've recently come to find out that it isn't safe at all for you there. Please, there's nothing to see. Don't talk to any strangers, you hear?


Mr. McGowan, call Rachel! We're trapped in the tunnels, and they're filling up with water! Somebody's gotta cut it off! We can't go anywhere! We're trapped in the treas—

We're sorry. You must first dial a 1 or 0 plus the area code when calling this number. Will you please hang up and try your call again?



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