Rachel and Hunter's grandfather replied with some answers to her questions

My grandfather, Mike Armstrong, emailed a reply to the video message I sent him.

— Rachel

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To: Rachel <rachel@XXXXXXXXXX.XXX>Rachel asked her grandfather, a private investigator, for help with their investigation
From: Gramps <armstrong@XXXXXXXXXX.XXX>Mike Armstrong agreed to help his granddaughter, Rachel, and her friends with their investigation
Subject: Answers to some of your questions

Rachel, dear —

I have some work in the Delta, so I'm going to be out of town for a couple of days. But I managed to scrape together a few items of interest.

First, I talked to my buddy Brett Matthews on the Academic Council, and he told me something interesting about your friend Professor Lowry. I've included a memo he showed me. I think that will speak for itself.

Second, I went to the station and found something on that janitor. Turns out his real name isn't Boyce, but O'Brian. He recently finished serving a prison sentence in Washington state for using a stolen credit card. He's not a character you'll want to mess with. I included a photo.

It's a good thing you're safe in Jackson. This mystery looks like it's getting more and more dangerous. I left word with your dad to tell Hunter and your friends to let the police handle this the rest of the way.

Oh, by the way. The test results came back on the bone. Tests show the bone had been bleached and preserved with other chemicals, and the saw mark was made with a common table saw. Doesn't sound like a Civil War bone to me.

I love you, sweetie.



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